Algeria FLN October 22, 1961

Appeal to the French

First published: October 22, 1961;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike)

In the aftermath of the massacre of October 17, the French federation of the FLN distributed this tract to the French public.

The upholders of colonialism, who hope to profit from the war in Algeria for many more months, the plotters, the bombers, and the fascists are all pressing the French government to intensify the war.

In France this intensification is demonstrated by repressive police measures never before seen. Using as a pretext the just punishment of a few policemen — executioners whose unspeakable crimes we denounce — the police prefect of the Seine, who envies the bloody laurels of Massu, is preparing himself for a new “Battle of Algiers.”


In order to apply these measures, as odious as those of which Jews were the victims at a certain period, discriminations are made according to the appearance of the passer-by. In order to avoid confusing them with Italians, Spaniards, and others from the Mediterranean, or with tourists from South America, when will there be a “yellow star” for Algerians?


The Algerians fight and will fight these racist measures using all means. They will not retreat before any sacrifice.

In order to express their resolution Algerian men, along with their wives and children, decided on October 17, 1961 not to return home at 8:00 p.m., which the colonial power attempted to impose on them.

If it were up to the Algerians, this demonstration would have peacefully unfolded.

Only the hateful aggressiveness of the forces of repression, some of whose members have itchy trigger fingers, was the cause of the scenes of violence, of the shootings and of the shedding of Algerian blood.

French workers!

Understand that in this conflict that, for the last seven years, opposes Algeria to colonialism, your obligation is to be at the side of the oppressed against the oppressors. Those who make war on us are the very ones who exploit you.

Understand that the victory of the Algerian people over colonialism will also be yours.

French workers, act in solidarity with your comrades, the Algerian workers.

French democrats!

For seven years the dirty war in Algeria has corrupted all the values of freedom and humanism that your country once proposed to the world. Look what Paris has become, which was once the capitol of the right to asylum. Fight colonialist repression and ensure that Paris not become the capitol of racism.

Men and Women of the Left!

Note how in the name of the repression of the just combat of a people for its freedom, the rules, the mores and traditions of honor of your country are debased as the repression grows and the war continues. Make common cause with the Algerian militants who oppose the barbaric and racist repression.

Prevent men from being rounded up and deported because they've enlisted in a fight in defense of ideals for which people all over the world have fought. The realization of the objectives of these men could only expand and reinforce the camp of freedom and democracy in France itself.

You can’t confine yourself to waiting. It would be guilty to remain passive.

Frenchmen, Frenchwomen, workers, students, intellectuals, activists of political parties, unions, youth movements, men and women of all opinions and confessions!

The French Federation of the FLN solemnly calls on you to: