FAR 1971

Expropriation of Arms from a Truck of the Gorilla Army

Source: Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados. www.Cedema.org;
Translated: for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2010.

To our People:

This new blow by our commandos was aimed at recovering arms that the army – the armed wing of the oligarchy – uses against our people. It is through its Peronist fighters they were recuperated in order to pursue the construction of the popular army with greater intensity.

Once again we find ourselves before a regime that does everything possible – from ‘55 till today – to survive the blows which, in the successive Cordobazos, Rosariazos, Tucumanazos is administered to them by a combative people and its armed organizations.

The siren songs of the current gorillas in sheep’s clothing, proposing “a clean game,” elections without proscriptions and “freedom for all” no longer fool anyone. The same maneuvers as always are hidden behind this palaver. Today, through its “nationalist face and electoral call” they are trying to do nothing else than maintain and increase their privileges at the price of the exploitation of the working people.

But the people already said “enough” a long time ago. It was the glorious October 17, 1945. This date is not past history. More than ever it is a mandate for liberation that we taken up to definitively construct along with our People, the Free, Just, and Sovereign Fatherland, so long postponed. Just as the minister senor Mor Roig said “ we aren’t returning to the past,” we too will not return to the past, having learned from the blood of our brothers massacred in June 1955, from those executed of ‘56, and from all the prisoners, tortured, killed and disappeared in this second decade of all infamies. There is not and never will be place in our fatherland for the oligarchy and the imperialists.

Today we know that the exploiting minorities don’t commit suicide. The lords of power and wealth will not give them up unless we tear them from them. In order to maintain themselves they daily exercise oppressive violence, and this violence translates to poverty, proscription, and repression. The Peronist people answers from every corner of the fatherland, not begging, but conquering through street combat, strikes, and armed actions all that they were despoiled of.

In the meanwhile, we are fulfilling our people’s mandate to strike harder and more successfully, telling them not to believe in pompous pronouncements, bit instead to demand General Perón’s return to our Fatherland. With the workers at its head, the definitive liberation of the Fatherland is on march, and nothing and no one can hold it back.

Free or dead, slaves never.
For the return of the People and Perón to power
Ever onward to victory!
Che Guevara and Evita Commandos