Montoneros 1979

Resolution of the Montonero Party

Source: Monotoneros, Documentos internos, resoluciones, comunicados y actas de guerra. Cuadernos de la memoria,;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor and Johanna Fiorucci;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2009.

March 10, 1979

The national leadership of the Montonero party and the Commanders in Chief of the Montonero Army resolve:

  1. To accuse Captain Rodolfo Galimberti (dossier # 00583), born 5/5/47, Lieutenant 1st class Pablo Fernandez (dossier # 005880 born 11/16/45, enrollment book no. 4.538.880; Lieutenant Roberto Mauriņo (dossier no. 005810, Lieutenant Juan Gelman (no dossier), sub-lieutenant Julieta Bulrich (dossier 00678) born 1/28/44, F no. 6.089.066, all of them militants of the Montonero party, and the militia members voluntarily affected to party tasks, Miguel Fernandez Long (dossier 00674) born 10/17/54; his wife Di Fiorio (no dossier); Victoria Elena Vaccaro (dossier 00677) born 11/17/46 CF no. 5.441.545; and Claudia Genoud (dossier 00657) of the terms anticipated by the Code of Revolutionary Justice of the charges of DESERTION, (Art. 50, INSUBORDINATION (Art. 8) , CONSPIRACY (art 9.) and FRAUD (Art 11).
  2. To investigate whether the objective coincidence with the interests of the Military dictatorship has any direct point of contact with the activity of the enemy and if they consciously respond to its plans, which would constitute the crime of TREASON (Art. 4).
  3. To call for the constitution of a REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNAL which will proceed to the carrying out of revolutionary justice with the goal of considering the preceding accusation, soliciting from the same the application of the maximum rigor, meaning the imposition of the penalties for the crimes they are accused of, taking into account the damages that the same provoked in the particular circumstances in which they were committed, at a time when the whole of our forces are regrouping to the end of developing the plans for the counter-offensive.
  4. To leave a record that whatever might be the judgment of the REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNAL the current doctrine will be maintained in the sense that our forces will respect the police sovereignty and rights of each State, abstaining from carrying out actions that will contravene this principle.
  5. To communicate to the whole of the Montonero Party the prosecution of the plans for the launching of the popular counter-offensive, conscious as we are of the enemy plans aiming to gain time by making us waste ours, trying to repair their current weakness, which doesn’t allow them to block the passing of the resistance to the counter-offensive. Just as no traitor or deserter from the worst moments of the resistance was capable of destroying the political correctness of the slogan “RESIST AND VANQUISH,” no traitor or deserter from the new group can impede the political triumph of the new slogan of the phase; “CONQUERING UNION POWER MEANS WINNING.’
  6. To publicize this resolution to all the political forces who maintain relations with our party
  7. To publish it in all organs of the party press and to place it in the archives.


Comandante Mario Firmenich
Comandante Raul Yager
Comandante Fernando Vaca Narvaja
Comandante Roberto perdia
Comandante Horacio Mendizabal
2nd Comandante Domingo Campiglia