Dominican Republic 1975

Famine Strikes Dominican Republic

Published: October 13, 1975;
Source: Intercontinental Press, Vol. 13 No. 36, p. 1354;
Transcribed by: Amaury Rodriguez, 2016.

Transcriber’s note: This article appeared in Intercontinental Press (IP), a weekly magazine published in New York on behalf on the Fourth International from 1963 to 1986. I thank Pathfinder Press for granting me permission to post this article.

The worst famine in half a century is sweeping the Dominican Republic.

Relief agencies have begun distributing food to 500, 000 starving Dominicans, about one-sixth of the rural population. The mayor of San Josť de las Matas [1] has said that 42,000 of the 70,000 inhabitants in the area were starving. Bananas, which are usually plentiful, are now scarce or priced so high that most persons cannot afford them. Many of the famine victims are staying alive on a diet of mangos, although mango supplies are fast running out.


1. A municipality in the North (Cibao) region.