MIA: History: Dominican Republic

Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó


Documents from the History of the

Dominican Republic


* * *

A Newspaper’s Account of the First American Occupation, El Cable, March 1922

With God and Trujillo!, Workers Age, January 1938

“Good Neighbors” – With Whom?, Workers Age, March 1938

Dominican Dictator ‘Sentences’ Castro to 30-Year Term, The Militant, 1959

Terror Rages in Trujillo’s Hell!, PDF, 1960

Dominican Danger Signal, The Militant, 1961

Let Dominicans Decide, The Young Socialist, 1962

Appeal Made for Anti-Trujillo Exiles, The Militant, 1962

Army Hunts Rebels, The Militant, 1963

Dominican Junta Murders Leading Anti-Trujillo Fighter, The Militant, January 1964

Social Christian Revolutionary Youth Condemns Persecution Against Haitians, Listin Diario, October 13, 1964


The People's Revolt of 1965

We Oppose Intervention in the Dominican Republic, January 1 1965

China Condemns U.S. Aggression Against Dominican Republic, May 7 1965

Statement by the Uruguayan Writers Society, May 7 1965

U.S. Invasion of Dominican Republic Stirs World-Wide Anger, May 14 1965

Young German Workers Score U.S. Warmongering, May 21 1965

Bolivian Trotskyists Call for Aid to Dominican People, May 21 1965

STOP. A message from American artists, Los Angeles Free Press, May 1965

Testimony of Former Constitutionalist POASI Fighter Ramón Hernández, June 1 1965

Suggest Volunteers to Aid Dominicans, June 11 1965

Bosch Couldn’t Deliver Lie Needed by Johnson, June 11 1965

Marines in Santo Domingo, by Victor Perlo, June 1965

Statement by the Artists, July 4 1965

Santo Domingo: The U.S. Wins Another Battle, Black Dialogue, July-August 1965

Report From the Dominican Republic, Kansas Free Press, June 1965

Message to the People of the Dominican Republic, July 1965

Political Slogans from the Constitutionalist Revolution, 1965

Time Bomb in Santo Domingo, 1965

Johnson Finds 1,500 Heads, 1965

Canto to Vertical Santo Domingo by Abelardo Vicioso, 1965

Canto to Jacques and the Rest by Juan José Ayuso, 1965

Support Dominican People's Resistance to U.S. Armed Aggression, Peking, 1965

“Johnson Assassin!” Shout 20,000 in Mexico City, May 1965

New York March Backs Dominican Revolution, May 1966

O. E. Moscoso, Dominican Patriot, Dies in New York, December 1966

Dominican PRD Switches its Line, October 1967

Caamaño Reported to Have “Disappeared”, December 1967


The Regime of Terror

Los Minas Citizens Protest Rightist Terror, December 1970

Torture in la Victoria Prison, July 1971

‘La Banda’ Slays Five More in Santo Domingo, October 1971

Police Gun Down Dominican Leftist, June 1972

Police, La Banda Attack Political Prisoners, July 1972

Peasants Take Land in Dominican Republic, October 1972

A Leader Speaks from Jail, July 1974

Orlando Martínez Gunned Down In Santo Domingo, April 1975

Famine Strikes Dominican Republic, October 1975

Dock Workers Fight for Democratic Rights, March 1976

The Attempted Coup in the Dominican Republic, June 1978

 * * *

Amnesty in Dominican Republic, September 1978

Gulf & Western’s ‘Slave Labor Camp’ in Dominican Republic, November 1978

Letter from René Théodore to José Francisco Peña Gómez, (PDF) 22 March 1979

Haitian workers in slave conditions, March 1982


 * * *

The Revolutionary Communist Union, Wilberto Ventura, 1985

Revolution to the Rhythm of Merengue, 1996

Postcard from Santo Domingo, 1996

The Three Butterflies, 1996

General strike against neoliberal policies, 2003

Haitian-Dominican Solidarity Against Deportations, 2008

U.S. Ally Wins in Dominican Republic, 2008

A Constitution to Impose Injustice, 2009

Open Letter to Dominican President Danilo Medina, We Are All Dominican, 2013