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CPA National Board also decides upon discussions on resolution

First Published: The Daily Worker, June 7, 1945.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The National Board of the CPA, at its meeting of June 2, also adopted the following additional motions:

1. –The National Committee shall be convened within two weeks.
2. –The discussion by the membership of the Association on the resolution of the National Board shall start immediately in the clubs and in other meetings of the Association to be determined by each State Committee. The discussion shall continue up to a date to be decided by the National Committee, CPA.
3. –For the period of the discussion, arrangements shall be made with The Daily Worker to publish a semi-weekly discussion bulletin as a supplement to the paper. This bulletin shall be open to all members of the Association.
4. –State organizations may publish special discussion bulletins if they so desire.
5. –During the entire period of the discussion, the policy and practical mass work of the Association shall be governed by the resolution of the National Board.