Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

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On the Roots of Revisionism

A Political Analysis of the International Communist Movement and the CPUSA 1919-1945


First Published: April 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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1. Summary 1919-1921

2. Summary 1922-1928

International Situation 1928-1935

3. Crisis of World Capitalism: World Economic Situation

4. Bourgeois State in Crisis: Fascism

5. Danger of War and Communist Policy

6. Defense of the Soviet Union

7. Strategy and Tactics of the Comintern

8. Some Questions Regarding the United Front Against Fascism

9. The Concept of “Social-Fascism” and the Relationship Between Social-Democracy and Fascism

10. Seventh Congress of the Comintern on War and Revolution

11. The Popular Front and the Communist Party of France

12. Application of the Comintern’s United/Popular Front Policy in Spain

United States Situation 1928-1945

13. The 1928 Comintern Resolution and the Black National Question

14. Summary of 1928-1935 Conditions in the USA and CPUSA

15. The Roots of Browderism 1935-1945


16. The United Front as Practiced by the Chinese Communist Party

Short Guide to Sources