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E. F. Hill

Australia’s Revolution: On the Struggle for a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party

Letter of K. C. Miller to the Central Committee

Dear Comrades,

I have read Comrade Hill’s letter to Comrade Dixon and fully approve of it.

I do not, of course, have personal knowledge of the details of all the incidents Comrade Hill refers to but I can confirm some of them and I could relate others to the same point.

As is well known, one of the aspects of this whole matter which has concerned me greatly from the beginning has been the sudden unexplained and even unadmitted change in the positions of the present members of the Central Committee Secretariat, more particularly Comrades Sharkey and Dixon whose great influence in the Party has, I believe, now been placed behind policies which depart from the 81 Party Statement and from our own 19th Congress decisions.

This matter and others were mentioned in my speech to the Victorian State Conference, a copy of which I handed to the Presidium of the Conference at its request.

I trust that that speech will not be mistreated by being retailed in various forms through the Party as has been the case with speeches made at the proper time and place on the Central Committee.

Might I suggest that publication in full in the Communist Review would avoid that.

If your position is correct publication could only serve to damn my stand, whereas I, of course, have a contrary opinion and would be glad to have it on public record.

Yours fraternally,
(Signed) K. C. MILLER