Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

E. F. Hill

Australia’s Revolution: On the Struggle for a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


First Published: August 1973.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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1 – Introductory Background

2 – Class Struggle – Early Struggles For Democratic Rights

3 – The Formation and Role of the Communist Party

4 – Basic Questions of the Revolution

5 – Formative Years of the Party

6 – The Economic Crisis and the Fight Against Fascism

7 – Ideological Issues of the Thirties

8 – Questions of Party Policy During World War II

9 – Post-War Penetration of Australia by U.S. Imperialism

10 – Counter-Revolution and its Reflection in the Party

11 – The Historic Struggle Between Marxism and Revisionism: Reconstitution of the Communist Party

12 – Problems of Building a Marxist-Leninist Party

13 – Expansion of Imperialist Domination of Australia

14 – The United Front Against U.S. Imperialism

15 – Australia’s Revolution Part of World Revolution – The Party’s Participation in Revolutionary Struggle

16 – The Historical Task of the Party

17 – Australia Today


1 – Explanation of Terms

(a) Revisionism

(b) Imperialism

(c) Subjectivism

(d) Socialism and Communism

(e) Chartism

2 – Lenin on Labour Government in Australia

3 – Documents taken from Defend Marxism-Leninism published by Australian Marxist-Leninists in 1963

Speech of E. F. Hill to Central Committee, Communist Party of Australia, February, 1962

From Speech of P. Malone to Victorian Conference, Communist Party of Australia, April, 1963

Speech of K. C. Miller to the Victorian State Conference, Communist Party of Australia, April, 1963

Letter of E. F. Hill to R. Dixon, then National President, Communist Party of Australia, dated 9th May, 1963

Letter of K. C. Miller to the Central Committee

Clarrie O’Shea’s Letter of Resignation from the Communist Party of Australia, (17th April, 1963)

Stenographic record of a discussion in 1960 between leaders of the Communist Party of Australia – L. L. Sharkey and R. Dixon – and Mao Tsetung, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China