Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

E.F. Hill

Imperialism in Australia

The Menace of Soviet Social-Imperialism


First Published: April 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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1. Rise And Fall Of Imperialisms In Australia. The Australian Workers, Working and Patriotic People And The Soviet Union 1917-1953

2. The 20th Congress Of The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union In 1956 Outlines The Programme And Technique Of Soviet Social-Imperialism

3. The General Nature Of Imperialism. The Imperialist Struggle For Spheres Of Influence, Markets, Sources Of Raw Materials

4. British Imperialism In Australia

5. U.S. Imperialism In Australia. Japanese Imperialism In Australia

6. Some Features Of The Particular Position Of Australia In The Epoch of Imperialism

7. Contention And Struggle Between U.S. Imperialism And Soviet Social-Imperialism In Their Bid For World Domination. The Fiction Of Detente

8. Soviet Social-Imperialism Menaces Australia. The “Socialist” Party Of Australia A Tool Of Soviet Social-Imperialism. The Whitlam-Kosygin Meeting

9. U.S. Imperialism As It Is Challenged By Soviet Social-Imperialism In Australia. Influence Of Contention And Struggle Between U.S. Imperialism And Soviet Social-Imperialism On Crisis And Upheaval In Australia

10. Lessons Of Chile In The Struggle By Soviet Social-Imperialism For World Domination

11. Conclusion


1. News From Australia – Karl Marx, 1855

2. Understanding The Nature Of Soviet Social-Imperialism