Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Jacques Grippa

“Theory” and Practice of the Modern Revisionists

A speech delivered at the Higher Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, June 10, 1964


Lenin said, “One of the forms of deception of the working class is pacifism and the abstract preaching of peace. . . .”[1]

The revisionists are using this deception in an attempt to divert the working class, the peoples and oppressed nations from their struggle against exploitation and oppression. They want to “outlaw” struggles, revolutions and liberation wars.

But their so-called pacifism also tends to divert the peoples from effective struggle against imperialist aggression and to avert world war.

The revisionist leaders are multiplying their acts of kindness towards imperialism. But imperialism is not in the least grateful; it despises them, and shows a growing arrogance towards them.

The capitulation of the revisionist leaders before U.S. imperialism, and their collaboration with it, can only encourage its aggressiveness and further increase the threats against the Soviet Union itself.

Let us take for example the Moscow tripartite treaty which has been condemned not only by Marxist-Leninists but by all awakened working people.

All of us know the contents of the Moscow treaty which is a copy of the 1962 Anglo-U.S. proposal. The Moscow treaty means the continued manufacture and stockpiling of strategic nuclear weapons by U.S. imperialism, augmenting its destructive potential, and the aggravating of the danger of a thermonuclear world war.

It gives the green light to U.S. imperialism to concentrate its military efforts on the improvement and accumulation of tactical nuclear weapons the chosen arms of U.S. imperialism to implement its policy of blackmail and aggression against the national-liberation movements. The Moscow treaty encourages a real dissemination of imperialist nuclear weapons through the increase in the number of U.S. military bases and submarines equipped with Polaris missiles and through the multilateral nuclear force which puts these engines of imperialist aggression at the disposal of the allies of the United States, including the West German revanchists.

At the same time, the Moscow treaty also signifies the intensification of the campaign against the peoples who refuse to bow before the dictates of the imperialists supported by the revisionists.

The possession of atomic weapons by socialist China would strengthen the world forces of peace and serve as a factor for peace. But the U.S. imperialists supported by the revisionists have presented this eventuality as a danger to peace. The Moscow treaty is one of the most dangerous hoaxes known to the peoples. It ominously reminds one of the Munich Agreement of 1938.

The revisionists, instead of denouncing imperialism which is aggressive by nature, consider China, Korea, Viet Nam, Albania and Cuba, which refuse to sign the Moscow treaty, as warmongers.

The revisionists’ abandonment of the objective of totally banning and destroying nuclear weapons signifies their opposition to this demand of the peoples. And this fact shows up their duplicity.

Nuclear threats and blackmail form a part of the so-called “strategy of peace” of U.S. imperialism. But nuclear threats and blackmail also form an integral part of the theory and policy of revisionism.

With the exposure of this blackmail their whole theory of class collaboration collapses.

At a recent session of the United Nations, the Soviet delegate even put forward a so-called “plan of general disarmament” which enables U.S. imperialism to retain possession of nuclear weapons in the final phase. This is the project of the so-called “nuclear umbrella”. It is a reproduction of an old American proposition, and thus serves as a legalization of the “Pax Americana” and the plan for world domination by U.S. imperialism which relies precisely on a monopoly of nuclear power and which has the support of the revisionist Khrushchov group.

The revisionists give us a demonstration of the spurious character of their slogan of “a world without war and without arms” while imperialism still exists.

Facts have confirmed the correctness of the Leninist thesis on “the impossibility of eliminating wars without eliminating classes and creating Socialism”.[2]


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