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Now Globe Defends Bainzites


First Published: Alive Magazine No. 128, March 24, 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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GNS. March 17: Last week it was the Trots. This week it is the Bainzites that the Globe and Mail is defending. In throwing up pseudo-left groups as false alternatives to their vicious rule, the bourgeoisie takes great pains to confuse and mislead the people.

For a year now the Globe has been putting a big push on its new Fanfare section. Fanfare, now printed in the Saturday edition, is the Globe’s answer to the need for youth coverage. The special section is promoted all week long. Now, in the March 17 issue, the front page “flag” of the Bainzite rag, People’s Canada Daily News, is reproduced on the front cover of Fanfare. The excuse is that Fanfare has an article on university newspapers and needed a front cover graphic illustration to lead into the article. Any student can tell you that the Bainzites’ PCDN is not a “campus paper”. Further, the front page illustration usually serves to illustrate an article of major length or of key importance. Other articles in the March 17 Fanfare are larger and serve more as lead articles. However, the Globe wanted to guarantee that no readers missed its plug for the Bainzites so it ran a big ad on page 3 of the front section, directing readers to the Fanfare article on “college newspapers”. It is well known that page 3 of the first section in a major bourgeois daily is a prominent advertising position.

In the article itself, despite the prominence, there is only a single passing mention of PCDN. Even this reference is designed to confuse people. In one sentence four papers are lumped together to give the illusion that they all represent leftist politics.

In fact, three have in common their Rightist politics. People’s Canada Daily News is the mouthpiece of the KGB’s “new” line front group. The Canadian Tribune, another paper mentioned, is the mouthpiece of the “old” line Soviet front group. The third paper cited, New Solidarity, comes from a lunatic fringe, the North American Party of Labour, a straightforward CIA group. (Not only is this last one not a “campus paper”, it is not even Canadian it’s published in the U.S.; its sellers come up to Canada from Buffalo, New York.)

In contrast to these three papers, The Forge, the fourth mentioned newspaper, promotes correct international policies and upholds friendship for China.

The bourgeoisie are deliberate confusion mongers. The people will be equally deliberate in setting them straight!