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LPR (M-L) Rectification


First Published: Alive Magazine No. 128, March 24, 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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GNS. March 18: In the spirit of improving their work to better serve the people of the United States, the League for Proletarian Revolution (Marxist-Leninist) launched a rectification campaign which began in June 1978 and is still continuing. The August 1978 issue of their paper, Resistance, describes how the campaign developed in the process of summing up specific errors in their program. Soon the need for serious study and investigation became apparent, and these were taken up.

Subsequent issues of Resistance outline many specifics of the campaign. They describe errors in the organization and give examples of how these are manifested in practice. They deal with errors of idealism, low ideological level, lack of investigation, and failure to link study and practice. They deal with errors of spontaneity and amateurishness. Although not as yet covered in depth in these articles, the campaign has also been tackling sectarianism, subjectivism, and incorrect methods of leadership.

The most recent issue of Resistance 1979) indicates that the continuing campaign is having a positive effect on the organization. It states that small but significant successes have been achieved. For example, a new study plan is developing, there are plans to improve the contents and distribution of Resistance, and the organization is developing greater unity other Marxist-Leninist groups. In the latter case, the article notes that a significant success is the decision of the Colorado Organization for Revolutionary Struggle (COReS (M-L-M) to also initiate a rectification campaign. As well, steps have been taken to link the two campaigns.