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Struggle in New Zealand Develops


First Published: Alive Magazine No. 128, March 24, 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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GNS. March 18: A wide range of national and international issues are covered in the third “Bulletin of the Preparatory Committee for the Formation of the Communist Party of New Zealand (Marxist-Leninist)”, published in March. The preparatory committee was founded after a split in the Communist Party of New Zealand (CPNZ), principally over the question of support for the three worlds theory (see articles in Alive 117, 118 and 123).

The bulletin gives support to the Kam-puchean people’s struggle against Soviet-backed Vietnamese aggression and also gives excellent coverage of the Sino-Viet Nam border struggle. Analyzing a series of quotes from Enver Hoxha’s recent book “Imperialism and the Revolution”, the bulletin shows clearly that the Albanian leadership has totally dismissed Chairman Mao Zedong’s revolutionary contributions and has heaped abuse on this great Marxist-Leninist. The article also asks how long it will be before the pro-Albania CPNZ launches similar attacks on Mao Zedong.

An article analyzing a recent CPNZ conference, points out that the decisions made are a betrayal of the New Zealand working class and render assistance to imperialism and social-imperialism. The next article in the bulletin presents a correct analysis of the tasks facing the working class in New Zealand, including the struggle against the two superpowers and against the multi-national corporations.

The bulletin also contains a short article by Rewi Alley on the current situation in China, a quote on economic development from Volume V of Mao Zedong’s works, and an article entitled “Time and Space”.