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Oppose Monopoly Capitalist Terrorism Against Individuals and Whole Segments of Society

First Published: Alive Magazine: Literature & Ideology No. 42, September 1975
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The turmoil which is spread throughout the world is directly caused by the razor sharp conflict between the forces of imperialism (mainly the two superpowers: U.S.A. and U.S.S.R.) and the democratic upsurges of the world’s peoples. The death bed of monopoly capitalism is the scene of massive struggle. The monopoly capitalists do not wish to pass from the stage of history and they are struggling mightily to maintain their oppressive stranglehold on the world. The peoples of the world have recognized that they cannot seize their own destinies without finalizing the deathbed thrashings of monopoly capitalism.

In Canada, as in the whole world, the writhings of monopoly capitalism are being directed against the building of unity in opposition to their decadent system and in particular against those individuals and organisations who are at the head of the building of unity.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) formed in 1970 out of the youth and student movement led in the 1960s by the Internationalists has always been at the head of the struggle against U.S. imperialism and the anti-communist revisionists in Canada, who support the Soviet Union’s brand of imperialism, and distort the situation by calling themselves “communists”.

The turmoil in the world is the direct outgrowth of the life-and-death struggle between capitalism and communism. Every despicable trick in the book is used by the capitalists to hide the real nature of the struggle, including the Canadian federal government’s assignment to anti-communists of the official title: “Communist Party of Canada”. Since when has the one system ever had the right or the interest to put its seal of approval on the enemy?

The fact is that the monopoly capitalists of the U.S. are working hand-in-glove with the monopoly capitalists of the U.S.S.R. to oppose the actual communists who are leading, the world’s people in the struggle for actual democracy.

In Canada the federal government is feverishly attempting, with all the panic of Hitler in that final bunker, to raise support for racist and fascist anti-people policies. The federal government is doing all in its power to slander and undermine the leadership of this rising unity against the two superpowers. Unprecedented actions are being threatened against Hardial Bains, leader of theft Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). Never in the history of Canada has one individual been singled out for threats of deportation. The panic stricken state of the monopoly capitalists is being thoroughly exposed in their every action.

Hardial Bains spoke at a meeting in Vancouver on March 9,1975. The meeting was called to denounce the racist attacks on members of the East Indian community in Vancouver. At that meeting Hardial Bains spoke of the need for waging tit-for-tat struggle. He urged the East Indian community to respond on the basis of self-defence to the racist attacks being launched against them. The response to this by the monopoly capitalist representatives was to call for his deportation. The bourgeois press in Vancouver, Montreal and all across Canada spread lies that Hardial Bains was issuing calls for vigilante groups. Never one word has been issued by Hardial Bains about vigilante groups!

The press in Toronto was relatively quiet on this issue since they had been caught with their pants down earlier in attempts to attack and slander Hardial Bains and the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). The Toronto Star did massive propaganda for about three days in February on the so-called FBI infiltration of the CPC(M-L). The Toronto Star went wild with front page headlines (above their own masthead) announcing that Hardial Bains was seen leaving the North Korean embassy in Paris after receiving $30,000.

The CPC(M-L) counter-attacked immediately with a press conference in which it was clearly pointed out that CPC(M-L) is entirely self-reliant, has not been infiltrated by any FBI, and (this is where the pants of the Toronto Star came down) the simple fact that there is no North Korean embassy in Paris!

The only option open to the monopoly capitalists in their vain attempts to quell the rising tide of anti-imperialism led by the CPC(M-l) is to issue blatant lies and slanders against the leaders of the Party. These attempts are bound to fail.

Calls for self defence against racist vigilantes cannot be turned into the calls for vigilante action. Slanders about outside financing of the Canadian revolutionary upsurge cannot succeed in the face of the massive upsurge of the Canadian people against racist and fascist policies of the servants of U.S. imperialism. Federal government seals of approval on the revisionists cannot turn anti-communists into communists.

Alive denounces the feverish attempts of the monopoly capitalists and their agents to launch fascist attacks on Hardial Bains. Alive denounces the racist and fascist policies of the federal government in their attempts to blame the immigrants for the crimes of monopoly capitalism. Alive calls on all democratic people – and particularly our writer and artist friends – to come out in support of the anti-imperialist struggle.

Unchecked, the monopoly capitalists are capable of every degraded act for their own preservation. The most severe challenge to the monopoly capitalists is the democratic united front against imperialism right here in the garbage heap of their own backyard.

Support the building of widespread united action against imperialism!
Oppose the fascist attacks on individuals and the whole people!
Join the glorious struggle to build the new and truly democratic society!