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The Third Congress of the Marxist-Leninist Organization of Canada IN STRUGGLE!

Index of the organization abbreviations used in the Political Report

APLQ – Agence de presse libre du Quebec (left-wing news service)

BCN – Bank Canadian National

BU – Bolshevik Union

CALPA – Canadian Airline Pilots Association

CATCA – Canadian Air Traffic Control Association

CCF – Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (later to become the NDP)

CCL (M-L) – Canadian Communist League (Marxist-Leninist)

CEQ – Centrale des enseignants du Quebec (Quebec Teachers' Central)

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

CLC – Canadian Labour Congress

CLM – Canadian Liberation Movement

CSD – Centrale des syndicats democratiques (Democratic Unions Central)

CNTU – Confederation of National Trade Unions

COMECON – Council of Mutual Economic Assistance

CP – Communist Party of Canada

CPC – Communist Party of China

CPC (M-L) – Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

CPL – Canadian Party of Labour

CPQ – Communist Party of Quebec

CPSU – Communist Party of the Soviet Union

ECU – European Currency Unit

EMF – European Monetary Fund

FLQ – Front de liberation du Quebec (Quebec Liberation Front)

GFR – German Federal Republic

GSTQ – Groupe socialiste des travailleurs du Quebec (Socialist Group of Quebec Workers)

IMF – International Monetary Fund

INCO – International Nickel Company

JBDS – James Bay Development Society

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NDP – New Democratic Party

NORAD – North American Defence Command

NSFL – Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

LPP – Labour Progressive Party

OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

PQ – Parti Quebecois

PLA – Party of Labour of Albania

PTQ – Parti des travailleurs du Quebec (Quebec Workers' Party)

QFL – Quebec Federation of Labour

PWM – Progressive Workers Movement

RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RSC – Red Star Collective

RSDLP – Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party

RWL – Revolutionary Workers League

SOC – Socialist Organizing Committee (in Vancouver)

TLC – Trades and Labour Congress

U.S.S.R. – Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

U.S.A. – United States of America