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In Struggle!

In Struggle!’s activities on the international scene


Almost four years ago, the Organization IN STRUGGLE! decided to step up its efforts to better understand the reality of the international communist movement and to contribute to the struggle for its unity. Shortly after, the evolution of the situation in China and the confusion which it caused among the Marxist-Leninist forces of the world convinced us even more of the importance and the urgency of this work. The appeal for the political and organizational unity of the international communist movement put out by our Organization following its Third Congress is a good indication of this preoccupation and specifies the objectives to be pursued: to take up the struggle for the unity of the international communist movement on the basis of a programme and to achieve this by encouraging a large,public and collective debate among the Marxist-Leninist forces in order to better understand the sources of revisionism and draw the lessons from the history of the struggle for socialism.

What is the situation today?

The steps taken by our Organization four years ago are still little known to our readers and friends, both in Canada and in other countries. Starting today, in answer to requests from many people, we are publishing a series of three articles.

The first article deals with the steps taken by our Organization to learn about the international movement and presents our positions on the various organizations.

The second article will deal more specifically with our work to support revolutionary and communist movements in different countries. Finally, the third will deal with our efforts to develop a collective debate, specifically the conference which we proposed as a forum for this debate.

We invite our readers to send us their questions and comments on the themes developed in these articles.