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In Struggle!

IN STRUGGLE’s Canadian tour on Quebec national question

First Published: In Struggle! No. 109, March 2, 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The Canadian Marxist-Leninist group IN’STRUGGLE! is undertaking a country-wide tour of conferences and public meetings on the Quebec national question. IN STRUGGLE! wants to make the point of view of the intreasts of the popular masses known, the point of view which loudly and clearly affirms that the national rights, including the right to self-determination, of the Quebec nation must be firmly defended. The point of view that only the steel-like unity of the working class of the two nations against its common enemy, the Canadian bourgeoisie, can put an end to the misery and oppression, including national oppression, experienced under capitalism.

Why a tour?

The question of the national oppression of Quebec is occupying an ever increasingly important place today. The Pépin-Roberts Commission has ended one stage in its brilliant drama, and the result has been increased racial hatred from one end of the country to the other. Trudeau has threatened to mobilize the armed forces to invade Quebec, and Lévesque has established the anti-democratic regulations for the referendum. As for the sold-out union leaders, they support either the NDP, which doesn’t recognize Quebec’s right to self-determination, or else the PQ, which provokes division and mistrust between francophone, anglophone, Amerindian and Inuit workers. And to ice the cake, the worst extremists have appeared on the scene. In English-Canada its “there’s no room in Canada for the frogs and the French pea soup”, and in Quebec, its the aggravated nationalism of racists like Reggie Chartrand and his Liberation Party, or Jean-Marc Brunet and his Social Reformist Movement.

In this wide range of so-called solutions to national oppression, who represents the working class’ point of view? Where do we find the Interests of the working class, the interests of the immense majority of the Canadian and Quebec people?

To answer these questions, IN STRUGGLE! wants to carry the debate everywhere among the Canadian people, and to use all possible ways to diffuse communist ideas. We are not speaking only to Marxist-Lenlnlsts or only to the working class, but rather to all those in the country for whom democracy and social progress are real concerns. The working class’s point of view must be heard in public; It must triumph.

The communist point of view must be made known

The newspaper IN STRUGGLE! invites all its readers to become actively involved in their city, region, union, school, or citizen’s group so that the tour be a real success. You can stimulate debates and meetings on the Quebec national question everywhere, by inviting IN STRUGGLE!’s Secretary-General,comrade Charles Gagnon, who will participate in the tour, to explain the group’s position. You can take up collections to help finance the project. All those who want to contact IN STRUGGLE! are invited to speak to one of our distributors, to go to one of our bookstores, or to write directly to one of IN STRUGGLE!’s regional addresses. All proposals are welcome. Contribute to the victory of the viewpoint which defends working-class interests!