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’Internationalist conference’ in Montreal

A counter-revolutionary masquerade organized by the ’CPC (ML)’ fascists

First Published: The Forge, Vol. 3, No. 11, May 26, 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Bains’ fascist gang, the “CPCML”, well-known for its sabotage of the Marxist-Leninist movement, held a so-called “Internationalist Rally” in Montreal, April 30, 1978.

A meeting made up mainly of counter-revolutionary groups

This meeting, bringing together a majority of counter-revolutionary cliques provided a platform from which they hurled abuse at socialist China, Mao Tsetung and the entire international communist movement. This was a meeting to attack the League and to create splits in the world Marxist-Leninist movement.

Despite all their publicity, only 800 people, their usual gang, showed up at this meeting, not the 3500 claimed in the lying and overblown “CPCML” communique. And those 800 were there because Bains paid the expenses of many and because he had his fascist gangs flown in from all over.

Out of the 13 supposed communist organizations present, almost half (6) were gangs set up by Bains himself in different countries. Besides the “CPCML”, they included: the “Communist Party of Ireland (ML)”, the “Communist Party of England (ML)”, the “Communist Party of india (ML)”, the “Central Organization of the United States Marxist-Leninists”, and the “National Liberation Movement of Trinago ”.

All these organizations sang the praises of Bains, glorifying him with the most grotesque flattery and recognizing him as the great inspirer of their movements.

There’s nothing impressive about the list of groups in attendance. Most of them are nothing but revisionist or counter-revolutionary sects cut off from the masses.

More disgusting lies

Most of the groups present once again took up their usual slanders against the theory of three worlds and socialist China. But this time, they went even further, and their counter-revolutionary propaganda reached unprecedented heights. The Montreal meeting in fact represents the most serious level of splittism and attacks on the international Marxist-Leninist movement in the recent past.

The attacks on China were more violent than ever. The speakers didn’t keep themselves to veiled insinuations. No! They openly hurled abuse, talking about the, “traitors leading China” and the “Chinese revisionist clique”. One of them also attacked comrade Chou En-lai. There can no longer be any doubt that counter-revolutionary cliques like the PCE(ML)and the KPD(ML) support the “gang of four”, enemies of the Chinese Communist Party and of Chairman Hua Kuo-feng’s just leadership. They are sworn enemies of socialism. And of course the various Bains cliques dumped even more garbage on China. For instance, the gang from India declared in their speech, that “To be recognized by the Communist Party of China, you have to abandon Marxism-Leninism and replace it with the theory of three worlds.” And it added that it has two great tasks: “to make revolution in India and fight against the traitors leading China”.

The meeting was indeed openly splittist. Several groups attacked all the parties and organizations that defend the theory of three worlds, calling them “revisionists” and “anti-Leninists”.

The Spanish PCE(ML), which has slandered China for a long time, attacked our organization, the League by name, as well as our comrades of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of France. Similarly, Bains’s American gang, the “COUSML” hurled lengthy abuse at the authentic party of the American working class, the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (CP(ML)).

This meeting was organized by Bains, by the “CPCML”, that has never been recognized by the Marxist-Leninist movement. It was organized by this miserable fascist gang that is increasingly unmasked in the eyes of a growing number of authentic Marxist-Leninist parties throughout the world.

The conference participants even went so far as to trample on Mao-Tsetung Thought. The PCE(ML) had the nerve to declare that “even if Chairman Mao did develop the theory of three worlds, that doesn’t mean that its correct.” And when we know that it called this theory “anti-Leninist’, we can understand the seriousness of this attack. But this was not an isolated incident. In fact, the KPD(ML), another counter-revolutionary clique, which sent a message to the conference, said in an internal text leaked out recently that they consider Mao Tsetung to be a “revisionist”!

In the face of this outburst of counter-revolution, we feelbound to firmly denounce this so-called “internationalist conference”, which is nothing but a masquerade organized by the fascist Bains.

Extremely regretable actions

But apart from these organizations, there were others present including the representatives of authentic liberation movements, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU). We can only deplore this fact, denounce Bains’ foul manoeuvres with regards to these movements, and reaffirm once again our firm support for these two organizations and their peoples in struggle against colonialism, imperialism and the hegemony of the two superpowers.

The fact that an authentic Marxist-Leninist party, the Party of Labour of Albania, sent a message of greetings, which was read out at the conference, is also very serious.

This act is to be deplored. It amounts to officially recognizing Bains’s counter-revolutionary cliques. Such an act can only serve to tarnish Albania’s image in the eyes of the people of Canada and of the world, who reject these cliques of police agents.

In the past we have had some divergences with the PLA, over the theory of three worlds in particular. But putting into practice the principles regarding the relations between Marxist-Leninist parties of different countries, we have never publicly proclaimed these differences, but worked to resolve them through debate.

Now however, we cannot stay silent in the face of the support given by the PLA to this meeting oragnized in our country, by Bains. For it is a meeting that made unprecendented attacks on socialist China, Mao Tsetung Thought and the international Marxist-Leninist movement; a meeting which, moreover, directly attacked our organization, by name.

When a Marxist-Leninist party like the PLA, which is building socialism in Albania, lends its support to splittist actions like the Montreal rally it can only harm the world revolutionary struggle. And that is why we can only publicly deplore this gesture made by the PLA.

We have nothing but contempt for the Bains gang

Marxist-Leninists and the peoples of the world can have nothing but contempt for this “internationalist” masquerade.

Fascist cliques like the“CPC ML” and counter-revolutionary groups like the PCE(ML) are just a handful of people, another face of reaction. The overwhelming majority of Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations in the world firmly uphold the correct principles of Marxism-Leninism. The great majority of Marxist-Leninist organizations resolutely support the theory of three worlds, stand by socialist China and Chairman Hua Kuo-feng and wholeheartdly defend the greatest Marxist Leninist of our time, Mao Tsetung.

This trend is getting stronger. A growing number of organizations, including many third world Marxist-Leninist parties fighting their countries’s fascist regimes with guns in hand, support the theory of three orlds. Just read the international section of The Forge and the publications of these parties, like the Argentinean or the Fillipino party for instance, for proof of this.

The unity of the world Marxist-Leninist movement is growing stronger every day in the fight against modern revisionism and opportunism on the firm basis of the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

The revolutionary struggle will wipe out the “CPCML”, as it will wipe out all those who, like the revisionists of In Struggle, follow the same no-good ends. By attacking the theory of three worlds, by underhandedly slandering China and in fact by supporting the “gang of four” In Struggle is following the same path as the. Bain’s clique and it will meet the same end.

Counter-revolutionary cliques like the “CPCML” cannot stop the wheel of history or the victorious rise of communism throughout the world. Countries want independance, nations want liberation, people want revolution – this strong current will rush on irresistibly. And in its triumphant movement forward, it will sweep aside all the traitors and opportunists, all the riff-raff and garbage like the “CPCML”.