Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Red Star Collective

Critique of In Struggle!’s “The Path of the Canadian Revolution”


The Red Star Collective is undertaking this critique of In Struggle!’s line as expressed in their article “The Path of the Canadian Revolution”, in Proletarian Unity #3 because we think it is necessary to deal not only with the conclusions they come to, but also with the foundations of those conclusions. Because IS!, like CCL(ML), has developed their line without an investigation of a Marxist-Leninist type, the presentation of their position to the movement has not aided in the establishment of a correct application of Marxism-Lenin-ism to the Canadian reality.

This statement no doubt sounds very bold to those who are used to thinking of IS! and CCL(ML) as the ideological authorities in the movement. We, too, acknowledge the contribution these groups have made to the developing Marxist-Leninist movement in Canada. It is the firm belief of the RSC, however, that in every case a Marxist-Leninist line cannot be developed in the absence of Marxist-Leninist theory and methodology. Until all those formulating a line see it as their responsibility to thoroughly investigate before putting forward a position, the movement will continue to struggle over what are primarily subjective speculations. It was with the purpose of advancing the national debate that we did a concrete analysis and published our position in our pamphlet, Canada: Imperialist Power or Economic Colony?, and it is again to advance the debate that we analyze In Struggle!’s position and methodology.

In the following critique of IS!’s historical analysis we will show that they have not adopted a ’historical materialist viewpoint’ and have not done analysis in many cases, we have generally chosen the method of reviewing their article, pointing out discrepancies and errors as we go. We offer this in the spirit of unity-criticism-unity.