Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Bob Avakian

The Stakes Are Up – For Them and Us

First Published: Revolutionary Worker, Vol. 1, No. 29, November 23, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Central Committee of the RCP, spoke at both the Washington D.C. and Oakland, California rallies. Following are edited excerpts from two sections of his speech in D.C. [EROL Note: The rallies refered to here were organized to support Bob Avakian and the Mao Defendants who had been charged in the demonstrations called to protest Teng Hsio-ping’s visit to the United States. Shortly before the D.C. rally, charges against Avakian and the other defendents were dropped.]

Why They Backed Up and What They’ve Got in Store

You see the ruling class in this country, they miscalculated about our Party. They didn’t think we could go out and bring forward the masses of people in a politically conscious way. They didn’t think that we could give expression to and bring them forward on the basis of their highest aspirations and their conscious grasp of their own interests and their own ability to rise up and change the whole world through revolution. They didn’t think that we could go out broadly among the middle classes and other strata in this society, among many people who don’t agree, at least not entirely, with the stand of our Party, and unite them in this battle and at the same time to have an exchange, a struggle and debate with them about what is the cause of all this misery and what is the road forward out of all of it.

They thought if we got on their media, which to a certain degree they allow, on the TV, on the radio talk shows and when I went on Tom Snyder, they thought we’d make fools out of ourselves. They again left the masses of people out of the calculation. They thought that if we went on television, over the radio and said, “Yes, our party is the only party in this country that is seriously and consistently and in an all-around way and with the strategic understanding and with the revolutionary theory not only talking about an armed revolution in this country but actively working and preparing and bringing the masses of people forward toward that goal”–they thought that when we said that we’d isolate ourselves and among the people who heard it, they thought they’d say, “This is terrible, they should put these people away, they should even kill them.” And there were some who said that. Of course the rulers of this country became sharper and clearer that that’s what they should do, and of course some of these upper strata and backwards clowns and fools that they have out here around Iran, for example, saw more clearly what a threat our Party is to the very existence of slave society in its modern form of capitalism.

But the one thing they didn’t count on, the one thing they could never calculate or understand, is that among millions and millions of people who heard about this and among hundreds of thousands who paid serious attention to it, that when they turned their television or radio on and heard somebody call this system out for what it is and say straight up that we’re going to lead a revolution of the masses of slaves in this country–people jolted awake. They said, “Who are these people, how do 1 get in touch with them? I’ve been looking for something like this all my life. Where are they, where have they been, how do I get together with them?”

They began to see this. You see they went around on this speaking tour that I did around the country. And we know you, cops. We saw you at every meeting and right there we know who you are. It doesn’t take a lot of understanding to know who you are. You’re the ones who sit out there like zombies and maybe once in a while clap some but can never really understand what the hell we’re talking about. You can’t hide out there. We know who you are. You’re the ones who have the blank stares all the time when we’re talking about the conditions of the masses of people and how we’re going to rise up and get rid of this once and for all. We saw you there and we know that you went back and reported, “God damn, he went on and talked for 4 or 5 hours and do you know all those people sat up there and listened so intensely to everything he had to say. What the fuck is going on?” And it isn’t because I or anybody else can rap good. It’s because people have been waiting all their lives to hear this and are straining and listening intently, fighting off the fatigue that comes from being driven in these slave holes day in and day out or going through the degradation of unemployment or welfare. People straining to overcome that, and to get this revolutionary message and to be able to grasp and take it out to others to bring them forward.

Then the call came out from the Party Central Committee to mobilize volunteers to come to Washington, D.C. And they never thought this would happen. They thought, “Well, maybe they’ll bring back some of the same people they brought back the first time they were here. Maybe they can get a few people, maybe the same old tired faces will show up.” Then you were out there again – we saw you lurking like dirty old men behind the tree with your cameras and your tape recorders and everything else, skulking and slinking around when the volunteers came in from all over the country, snapping your pictures and trying to act cool. Then you went back and developed your pictures and you turned them over to your masters and they said, “God damn, I don’t recognize more than half these faces. Where the hell did these people come from? These people weren’t even at that speaking tour two or three weeks ago. Where the hell did they come from? We never counted on this!”

Then they looked as the people here, in the face of all the harassment and intimidation, all the slurs, all the rumors, all the slanders, took up each of these battles one after another and went after the masses of people and began to bring them forward. The authorities sat up there, on the highest level, shook their heads, wiped their brows, gnashed their teeth and said, “God damn, this is only early November, we haven’t even had a major hearing yet and they’re already beginning to do what they threatened to do and turn this city upside down. What the hell are we going to have on our hands if we actually go ahead with this trial? What’s it going to be like here in February if we actually go ahead?” And they said, “God damn, wait a minute. Wait just a god damn minute! What’s this going to mean if we go ahead with this?”

Retreat, Maneuver

And do you think it was accidental? Everything they do is calculated. They are fighting to save themselves from extinction. Do you think it was accidental that they maneuvered and brought out this decision three days before these rallies and demonstrations were called here and on the West Coast? If you do, you got to be a fool. They said to themselves, “Well, here’s what we’ll do, we’ll bring out this dismissal, we can appeal it, we can put it up to a higher level, a higher political level, we can stick it up there in the appellate court and wait and see what we want to do with this. Maybe by the time we want to bring it back we’ll have a lot of other sharper weapons to go after them with, legal or otherwise.”

So they said, “Let’s call this thing off right now. Let’s, you know, make it look like our court system is fair, that if you can point out the inequities, if you can point out the injustices, if you can say that there was some vindictiveness here, then you can get a fair trial, and get justice under this system. Yeah, we may have subjected you to brutality, you may have lost your job, you may have been forced to come back here and suffer the degradation of being run through these courts time and time again and having to suffer the brutality and indignation of being run through this court system from one end to the other. But nevertheless, when all is said and done, if your cause is right,” so this line goes, “if it’s unfair what’s being done to you, then it will sooner or later come out in the wash, and it will come out clean and fair, you can get justice under this system.”

And the government thought, “Maybe we can run that old tired number out there again and maybe if the RCP don’t believe it, we can get other people who are starting to come forward to support this, maybe we can get at least them to believe it and drive a wedge between them and the RCP. Maybe we can even make people think that after all we weren’t so serious about going after the RCP and Bob Avakian. Maybe we can make them think that after all they shouldn’t have come forward and sacrificed, stepped to the front lines and joined in this battle. Maybe it isn’t so serious after all. Maybe it’s not really worth it to stand with the Revolutionary Communist Party, maybe they aren’t really capable of doing something that we regard as a serious threat.”

Preparing More Vicious Attacks

This is how they calculate, this is how they maneuver. We have to understand exactly what they’re doing here. They’re preparing to bring down much heavier and much more vicious attacks. If we use revolutionary theory and science and don’t fall into pragmatism and metaphysics, we can see precisely what’s going on. They said it’s time for a tactical retreat. It was forced on them, let’s understand it, this no less a great victory. Because if you and all the of the people out there who came forward in this battle had not done so, if our Party had laid down in the face of this, if we’d capitulated, if we’d watered down our revolutionary stand, if we hadn’t taken this battle and our revolutionary line out to the masses of people, the government would have run this railroad right over us and they would have slapped us down for good measure–even if we had capitulated–to make their point.

So it’s no less a victory, we understand that they were forced into their backing up and maneuvering. They were forced by all the things that we’re talking about, they were forced by the international support as well as the support in this country that was coming to our Party for the stand we took, and the solidarity was being expressed in messages from revolutionary and communist organizations from ten countries all over the world that have so far come in.

Right now, on behalf of the Central Committee of our Party and the entire Party, I want to express our greetings and our solidarity and our thanks to those revolutionary and communist organizations and parties throughout the world and those organizations and individuals throughout this country who have come forward to join this battle. I want to express our solidarity and recognition of the common battle that we do have to make.

When they saw all this they were forced to back up. They did not want to back up because they wanted to hide all this in darkness. What they’re doing can be seen in their comments. Yes, ’cause we overhear you talking too. You think that you’re just snooping on us, but we’re snooping on you too. And we can understand by the comments that they make and the overall way they’re moving and the overall development of things. You see out here in Washington D.C. once some of the troops got here and were spreading out everywhere, one of them was in a store and overheard one of these pigs talking to another off-duty pig working in the store. He was referring to all the posters and all the political work being done around this battle. He said to the other pig, shaking his head in dismay, “Well, we had those people in jail back in January, and we beat them up a bit, but we should have killed them right then. Then we wouldn’t have to be going through all that we’re going through right now.”

We have to understand that this is not just a bellowing of one outraged pig. It is that, but more importantly it is the viewpoint and strategy of the ruling class as a whole. They thought it would be too costly, too high a political price for them to pay to ram through this railroad at this time, in the face of the political momentum that was already gathering and the much greater potential that was clearly developing. But let’s look at the situation overall. Does this mean they’re going to back up? Does this mean they’re going to cease or lessen their attacks on the struggle of the masses and most of all on the vanguard Party in this country, the Revolutionary Communist Party? Again we’d have to be very narrow or blind or at least shortsighted to think so. We have to understand, for example, the significance of what happened in Greensboro.

Now that was not our Party there. That was another group which says that it’s communist. The Greensboro massacre was done for a very specific purpose. It was done to deliver a two-sided message. To the masses of people who are and will be increasingly rising up in the period ahead, it was making it known very clearly and unmistakably that this is what is in store for you. At the same time the message was also made clear on the other side to these reactionary murdering dogs that it is time now. We will allow you to openly, flagrantly and blatantly shoot down people in the street. It is open season on Black people and other oppressed minorities, it is open season on any oppressed person in this country, any group of people that rise up against it. And especially it is open season on any vanguard force, or even any group that claims to be a vanguard force, that will step to the forefront to lead this struggle.

If we think that these two events just coincidentally or accidentally occurred within the space of a few days of each other, that is, the dismissal of these charges and taking them to a higher level of appeal on the one hand, and on the other hand what happened in Greensboro, if we think that timing was accidental or these things are not linked together, we’ve got to look more deeply.

I’m not saying that the ruling class is not going to come up with more legal indictments or even perhaps reactivate this particular attack. But I’m saying that more and more that out front attitude, that out front stand expressed by that pig here in Washington, D.C. is going to be the strategy on which the ruling class of this country is moving. That, “We had them in our clutches, we roughed them up, we beat them up a bit, but we saw that was politically very costly. Now it’s time to start making it very clear and moving onto another level. It’s time not only to come at them with the legal apparatus, it’s time to come at them as we’ve done before and as we’re going to have to do much more in the future. It’s time to come at them with the bullets.”

Beat Back All Forms of Attack

And we have to understand this very clearly. We are not going to be intimidated because we understand this. Quite the opposite. On the basis of grasping this we’re going to be able to fight to beat back every attack every way they come and try to crush the genuine revolutionary leadership, in particular our Party, in this country. Because, you see, people will say, “They’re just too powerful. They can do whatever they want to do. If they can’t get you one way one day they’ll come get you another way the next day. And look what they’ve done in this country. They murdered Malcolm X, they killed Fred Hampton in cold blood in his bed and murdered more than two dozen other Panthers. They’ll just shoot you down if you really try to do something serious about rising up against it.”

We know this is their nature. We understand that not only have they done it in the past, but they will do it even more viciously and extensively in the period ahead. The period of the ’80s is going to find upheaval unlike anything even in the ’60s in this country and internationally. The challenge and the stakes are going to be up, during that period. They are going to be much higher and much more life-and-death for them and for us than anything we’ve seen in several decades.

We’ve pointed out to people, yeah, that’s true. They can, they have and they will not only jail people, not only hound and harass people–they will murder people outright and in larger numbers than we’ve seen in order to try to crush any revolutionary leadership and prevent the masses of people from not only fighting back but consciously fighting through and winning victory and making revolution. But we’re not helpless in the face of that either. If we’re not helpless–and we’ve proved we’re far from helpless–to beat back this attack, to stop this railroad and to back them up off their attack on the Mao Tsetung Defendants, then we are certainly not helpless to prevent them from murdering outright and in that way crushing and destroying the leadership of the working class and the masses of people in this country.

Yeah, they killed Fred Hampton. We know their nature. They murdered Malcolm X, much as they try to cover it up. But we can learn not only from the history of this country but from others. Let’s look to a place like Russia where there was someone named Lenin. They hounded him out of the country but he came back not only to haunt them but to raise up the real spectre that not only filled them with fear but finally led to their overthrow–the class-conscious working class and the masses of oppressed people.

Let’s look at China. They put a bounty on Mao Tsetung’s head, offered 100,000 or more pieces of silver to people, to peasants in China whose children were literally starving in front of them for lack of food or would freeze to death in the winter. But they couldn’t find anyone who, even if they wanted the money, was foolish enough to try to go up against and kill Mao Tsetung, because the wrath of the Chinese people would have come down on them like a thunderbolt.

So let’s not only talk about the losses we’ve suffered, let’s talk about the victories we’ve won. And let’s learn from both. We have to understand that it’s a battle. We have fought to keep them from carrying through this railroad and we can and we will fight to keep them from using murder or any other means to crush and cripple and destroy the vanguard Party, the necessary weapon of the working class and the masses of people to rise up and make revolution in this country. We are determined to wage that battle and more than that we are determined to win it. The masses of people, no matter what they think, have something to say about whether or not they can destroy the revolutionary vanguard Party in this country.

Advance on Our Victory! Revolutionary Worker, May Day 1980

We’ve got work to do. We’ve got battles to wage. Not just the battle to keep the defendants free and to stop the railroad once and for all. But we’ve got to spread and deepen and utilize more effectively the main weapon we have–and that’s this paper. I’m going to hold it up so everybody can see it–the Revolutionary Worker. When the troops came here to D.C. they took a saying from China and transformed it and translated it into the specific conditions here. It was a saying of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army under Mao Tsetung’s leadership when they fought heroically by day and by night to tire out and defeat and surround and carve up the enemy. They said, the enemy has tanks, planes, modern equipment, modern machinery and everything else supplied by the imperialists at its disposal, but we’re defeating them, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, with a bowl of millet and a rifle. I know the troops when they got here they told me that they translated this into the concrete conditions here and said what we have in this battle right now is the Revolutionary Worker and a peanut butter sandwich.

This paper is our main weapon. This is a conspiracy. This is a conspiracy spreading and deepening, spreading out like the cells of a beehive among broader and broader ranks of the working class and oppressed people. And it’s got to be spread consciously and actively much more broadly and much more deeply. You know when you read this paper wherever you’re from ...it isn’t so often that we come together from all over. Most of the time we’re working and struggling in the areas we come from. But whether you’re in Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, Florida, New York or wherever, every week, you and thousands of other people like you already are getting armed and educated with the line of our Party. At the same time that you are taking this paper, reading and spreading it among others, thousands and tens of thousands of people are also doing so throughout the country. Spreading this conspiracy, broadening and deepening it, laying the basis for revolution.

You know some people say, “Listen, I don’t dig it when this is the main weapon we got. I want to deal with the real deal. I want to get on with the real weapons. When you get to the point of a gun then come and let me know. I can’t deal with a weapon that’s made out of paper.” Well, I can understand and sympathize with that sentiment, but if you really feel that way and if you’re serious about it, if you really want to see things develop to the point where we can not only take up guns and go down like martyrs, but where we can actually lead masses of people to rise up and win, then you’ve got to wield this weapon now. Otherwise we’re not going to get to the point where we’re going to be able to seize the opportunity even if it does arise to rise up and lead masses to make revolution.

If you want to wield those weapons, which we do and which our Party stands for and which our every action is based on getting toward, then you’ve got to wield this other weapon now. This conspiracy’s got to spread. The networks of this paper have got to spread. We not only have to read this paper ourselves, we have to take it out and among our fellow workers and people we live and work with who are struggling and suffering alongside of us everyday. We’ve got to get them in tens, and twenties, and fifties, and hundreds to read this paper. This is a serious thing, I’m not just throwing out numbers. Not only do we have to read it and get them to read it but we got to win them over to sit down in groups and discuss it and then each group in turn has got to broaden and spread and deepen this conspiracy. Each of these people has got to take ten or twenty or forty and fifty of these papers and take them out to other people they know and work with every week to arm people on a consistent basis with this revolutionary line so they can go out and plunge into the turmoil and upheaval that even the bourgeoisie itself is creating. We’ve got to do this to be able to raise people’s heads.

How can we agitate around Iran, how can we defeat the reactionary garbage and hysterical reactionary racist and chauvinist frenzy that’s being whipped up if we don’t read this paper and become armed with the real understanding of what’s going on? We’re not going to be able to defeat them just by swearing. We’re not going to be able to defeat them just by calling them “reactionary.” We have to be able to expose them in order to isolate them and win over the great majority of people who do have an interest in grasping and standing with the struggle of the Iranian people as their own struggle and as part of the same battle being waged worldwide.

How are we gonna do that if we don’t arm more than just the 20,000 people who read this paper now. We got to double this right away and over the period of a year or more we got to take this 20,000 or 40,000 and it’s got to become literally hundreds of thousands of people who read this paper and distribute it in ways that are even unknown to the enemy. Because we have to look ahead, we have to think ahead. We have to look and think ahead to the increasing sharpness of the situation and the more vicious attacks that are going to come down. We have to begin preparing now to develop the ways that they’re not going to be able to find out about and they’re not going to be able to destroy or rip out. We have to develop the ways that this paper can get into the hands of people, hundreds of thousands of people within the next few years, on a weekly basis no matter what they try to do to stop it. We have to begin now spreading this conspiracy and building networks and drawing more and more people into it to lay the basis and sink the roots broadly and deeply so that no matter if they bring down attacks they will never be able to stop this paper from getting regularly into the hands and educating and training tens and ultimately hundreds of thousands and finally millions of people in this country. If we’re serious about making revolution then we got to be serious about wielding this weapon. It is the most important weapon we have and we got to wield it much more seriously and much more urgently.

May Day 1980

And we’ve got to wage other battles as well within which the use of this Revolutionary Worker on a consistent and expanding and broadening and deepening basis is crucial. And that means the call that our Party has issued to build a mass revolutionary May Day with the working class at the fore on May 1, 1980 in this country.

You see, if the ruling class thought that we were going to step back, catch our breath and let them catch their breath and come back to attack us, or if they thought that we’d let them maneuver not only against us but against the masses of people, that we’d let them work unchallenged to confuse people and keep them divided with more lies, work to keep people unclear about what their interests are and how they have to fight for them; if they thought we were going to lay back; if they thought we were going to sit back and not celebrate in the way our class does, which is by stepping up our struggle, but celebrating their way by relaxing our struggle, letting down our guard, falling into the traps that they set for us; if they thought that, then they’re going to find out how wrong they are. They’re finding that out already. It’s going to become more and more clear in the weeks and months ahead because we’re going to go out and we’re going to build a thing that’s going to strike even deeper terror into their hearts. We’re going to bring forward the advanced class-conscious section of our class, the working class in this country, despite all their lies and Archie Bunker filthy images and George Meany clowns and all the rest of these reactionary fools. We’re going to bring into the forefront and onto the stage of history on May 1, 1980, thousands of people marching class-conscious and aware under the banner of their own class and rallying the oppressed. On May Day, 1980. And if they think they’ve seen political mobilization so far, wait till you see what’s in store in building revolutionary May Day.

If we keep in mind the sharpening situation in all the things we’ve talked about, all the things that are gone into and analyzed in the Revolutionary Worker and in Revolution magazine and in other literature of our Party; if we grasp more clearly what it’s pinpointing and what is analyzed in depth in the published report of the recent meeting of the Central Committee of Our Party; if we understand the stakes that are involved; if we understand the urgency of the situation; then we understand all the more clearly how we have to step up and intensify our work on every front in an all-around way while concentrating our efforts on key fronts. That means concentrating our efforts to spread and deepen the distribution of the Revolutionary Worker and its influence and concentrating on this battle of revolutionary May Day.

We can understand more clearly how it’s not just a question of outrage but it’s a political necessity that we can no longer allow these reactionary vicious dogs like George Meany and the rest to stand up and have the nerve to speak in the name of the working class of this country. We have to stand up clearly, raise the banner of our class up and say that we are joining forces with the whole international working class and with the cause of the oppressed people throughout the world in the struggle for revolution. We cannot allow them to do it. If we understand the situation clearly, we can see that it’s not just a question of outrage, it’s a political necessity to raise up the revolutionary banner of our class and to march out on our holiday, the day of celebration and struggle of the international working class. We need to cast into the dust the reactionary chauvinist garbage they put out about how we Americans are different, we Americans are better, even the American workers should side with the capitalists of this country to help keep the working class and oppressed people enslaved throughout the rest of the world in order to get a few crumbs.

We don’t want your miserable, filthy, rotten, stinking crumbs. We don’t want any part of your oppression and your exploitation, degradation of ourselves and people throughout the world. We want a revolution. We want to stand with our class worldwide. We want to join with them to take the future into our hands and to bring it about through our own conscious and determined struggle and action. And that’s what the class-conscious, politically aware section has got to be out there forcefully demonstrating on May 1, 1980. And it will make a tremendous difference and significantly change the political climate of this country to see such a force all over this country in major cities rallying around the banner of revolution and the Revolutionary Communist Party, to stand up, unite with our class brothers and sisters throughout the world and openly unfurl the revolutionary banner of our class.

Let’s make no mistake about it. It’s not going to be like Houston when the oil companies, the banks and others not only gave their workers time off to go out and rally under the reactionary banner of attacking the Iranian people’s struggle, but undoubtedly threatened and intimidated people that if they didn’t go out, their job might be in jeopardy. You and I know it very well, anybody who doesn’t here know it is a fool, a pig or extremely naive–or all three. You and I know very well that the ruling class of this country is not going to come around to the workers they enslave in the sweat-holes and the factories and the mines and in the fields and say, “Listen, not only do we want you to take time off, we demand it, and your job might be in jeopardy if you don’t take time off to go join with other workers marching under the banner of the Revolutionary Communist Party to demonstrate for the time when you can rise up and overthrow us.”

Now you know that is not going to happen. Just the opposite is going to happen. Freedom and democracy only means freedom and democracy to express and to demonstrate support for the capitalists and their plunder and oppression here and throughout the world. They are going to try and use intimidation, the threat of firings, the threat of jail, the threat of murder and even outright murder to stop this revolutionary demonstration of the working class taking place. We’ve got to be prepared for that battle. We’ve got to wage and we’ve got to win it. It is going to make a crucial difference one way or the other in advancing the struggle or seeing it set back. It depends on whether or not we and others like us, who didn’t or couldn’t come to this meeting, become the solid core to go out and not only wage this battle to derail this railroad permanently and beat back this attack once and for all, but to distribute the Revolutionary Worker, and to take out and spread the message of revolutionary May Day and to wage the kind of struggle that has to be waged to prepare to step into the streets and step onto the page of history that day.

Possibility of Revolution

We have to have a clear understanding of the possibility–not the certainty, but the possibility–of a revolutionary situation, of the chance to actually see those factors come together which will provide the objective basis for a mass uprising for revolution. Looking at the crisis our ruling class and its system is already sinking in and is on the threshold of much more deeply; looking at the position that they’re in, and that it’s not as favorable as it has been going into world wars in the past; looking at the tremendous suffering and the tremendous devastation that they’re going to bring down on people here and throughout the world, and the tremendous turmoil and upheaval that this is going to give rise to; looking at all that and at the real possibility that a revolutionary situation and the objective conditions necessary may arise even within the next decade–all this gives us a much clearer sense of the urgency of the task we have before us. The urgency not just of rallying to the support of our Party in beating back the attacks on it, but the urgency of stepping up and intensifying our all-around revolutionary work.

Let me just say this, and I know people from other countries have and can and will testify that this is true, that on the day when we are finally able to bring everything together that’s necessary to unleash the awesome and ultimately invincible force of tens of millions of people consciously fighting for revolution and the day we are able to carry that through and overthrow this monstrosity of imperialism that oppresses us and feeds on people all over the world and crushes the very lifeblood out of them in the tens of millions–on the day we are able to do that here, not only will that be a tremendous blow for our own emancipation here, but much more importantly than that, and keeping the whole world struggle in mind and the whole struggle to transform the world and advance on a world scale to communism, much more important, that will be a tremendous blow for the liberation of oppressed people and our class throughout the world.

When that day comes there won’t be nobody talking about how revolutionaries and people who fought against imperialism in other countries are not welcome here. They will be welcome, as they are in our ranks right now, as brothers and sisters in the common struggle. The people who’d better not come here are the reactionary despots and flunkeys and agents and murdering dogs of imperialism like the Shah of Iran. Because if they come here once we got power, we sure are going to get hold of them and give them back to the people they’ve been oppressing to deal with as they should be dealt with.

And when the time comes that we can make revolution in a country like this, it is no exaggeration to say that literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world will come into the streets rejoicing, but rejoicing in the way that our class and oppressed people rejoice. Rejoicing in the festival of stepping up and intensifying our common struggle towards the lofty goal of ridding the world once and for all of class divisions and exploitation and oppression and the degradation this system still maintains us in.

Yes, ruling class, we hear your desperate bellowing. We know you’re getting weaker. You’re in crisis, your system is decaying, you’re forced to lash out desperately. We hear you and we see your putrid efforts to bring forth the dregs and the rottenness of society to rally around your reactionary cause. Yes, you are getting weaker and we understand that very clearly. We also understand what we must do and what we will do. And that is that we must fight together with the people of the whole world to weaken you and when you are weak enough and we are strong enough, we’re coming to get you.