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The Leninist Core to Found the U.S. Bolshevik Party

The Fight for the Marxist-Leninist Line on the International Situation Intensifies
Every Genuine Marxist-Leninist Party and Organization Must Take a Stand


First Published: Bolshevik, Vol. 7, No. 7, December, 1977.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The program of any genuine Marxist-Leninist Party must base itself on the theory and practice of the revolution, firmly based on the teachings of Marxism-Leninism. It must be a declaration of war against the bourgeoisie, it must be a clear manifestation of proletarian internationalism, and therefore, must take as its starting point a clear and resolute stand in keeping with the responsibility of the Party of the proletariat, its duty to the international proletariat, to “do the utmost in one’s own country to advance the revolution in all countries”, as Comrade Lenin taught us. The line of the Party must reflect a clear, resolute Marxist-Leninist analysis of the international situation, the starting point in fact must be from a proletarian internationalist perspective.

It is indeed from this viewpoint that we continue to carry out our responsibility as genuine Marxist-Leninists and advanced workers in the U.S., one of the two superpowers, in hammering out the Party’s basic line and program of action, summing up past mistakes and struggling to avoid making the same mistakes again. We look for the causes of such errors in our past and present, as we will in the future, from the broader question of carrying out proletarian revolution, which is on the order of the day, as we analyse the deep social roots which these errors stem from. In the course of furthering the polemics around all questions pertaining to the Party’s line and Program, we will unfold the outline of the draft of the Party’s Program, and elaborate on each section and we ask all comrades and friends to struggle, point out unities and differences, as we get on with the intensification of the struggle to carry out the central task into effect, and rejoice with the birth and development of the U.S. Bolshevik Party.

In this issue of Bolshevik we will share with all comrades and friends our position on the international situation. For the past year we have been studying conscientiously the polemics in the international situation. Our study of Marxism-Leninism and our struggle to implement these teachings to our concrete conditions historically, enables us today to come to a stand on the most crucial burning question facing all genuine Marxist-Leninist Parties and organizations, throughout the world: that of being loyal to Marxism-Leninism and defending its authenticity, or supporting an opportunist theory which has already caused tremendous setbacks to the international proletariat, and all the oppressed masses struggling for independence and freedom, for socialism and communism. Everyone must indeed take a stand.

We are in the era of Leninism, the era of imperialism, the eve of the socialist revolution. It is from this perspective and completely consistent to the teachings of Marxism-Leninism that all genuine Marxist-Leninists, most specifically Comrade Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labor of Albania, have unfolded a resolute defense of Marxism-Leninism in opposition to the opportunist theory of the “three worlds”, “non-aligned movement”, etc., proving on the basis of scientific facts that this opportunist theory is a total departure from Marxism-Leninism, which has had the effect of disarming the masses internationally and winds up defending capitalism. The struggle in the international communist movement has shed much clarity at a time when the two superpowers are making all preparations to launch an imperialist war, when the people of the world must prepare for the eventuality of such a war, when the two superpowers with the same intensity at the same degree and to the same extent are the source for a third world war, at a time when the menace of fascism is hanging over the heads of the masses like a dark cloud! In the U.S. it’s glaringly evidenced in the total decayed and decadent state of affairs which surround us everywhere. At this very moment, as the preparations for war intensify, Lenin’s teachings in his famous work “Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism” are ever more testimony of his genius, and in fact prove ever more so that the four contradictions elaborated by Lenin and Stalin, in their analysis of the world situation remain the same contradictions and no one phenomenon has changed the essence of these contradictions; namely, the contradiction between two opposing systems socialism and capitalism, the contradiction between labour and capital in the capitalist countries, the contradiction between the oppressed peoples and nations and imperialism, and the inter-imperialist contradictions. These contradictions have indeed intensified, are more acute than ever before as proletarian revolution moves ahead, but have not changed as the defenders and advocates of the theory of the “three worlds” and the “non aligned movement” advocates insist upon.

In a recently published pamphlet from the Peoples Socialist Republic of Albania (PSRA), entitled the “Theory and Practice of the Revolution”, further elaborating on Comrade Enver Hoxha’s speech at the 7th Party Congress, it is clearly stated and we quote:

All present day world development confirms that since the time of Lenin these contradictions have not waned and disappeared but have become more acute and are more clearly obvious than ever before. Therefore, the recognition and admission of the existence of these contradictions constitute the basis for defining a correct revolutionary strategy. (pg. 6)

Any attempt to negate the existence of these contradictions necessarily leads to a change in the strategy and tactics long ago elaborated and proven correct by the great October, 1917 Revolution which proved that the only correct strategy and tactics were the Bolshevik strategy and tactics for making proletarian revolution. Comrade Lenin elaborated the essence of the present historical epoch, that imperialism, is the highest and last stage of the development of capitalism, it is capitalism in decline and decay, thus making all the conditions for carrying out proletarian revolution a matter for immediate resolution. To advocate that there are “three worlds” negates the fundamental contradiction of this historic epoch, the contradiction between socialism and capitalism, in fact the theory of “three worlds” does not base itself on a dialectical historical materialist analysis of social systems at all. This, as we said in Vol. 7 #5 of Bolshevik, we recognized as the greatest flaw in the theory of the “three worlds”, which provided us with a basis to understand its total bankruptcy.

Indeed to negate the existence of the contradiction between socialism and capitalism is to recognize only capitalism and deny that socialism exists. This grave distortion of the truth has led to great confusion pertaining to the socialist camp. Arguments which liquidated the socialist camp have been propagated since the capitalist restoration in the Soviet Union. The revisionist betrayal indeed has caused great harm to the struggle of the international proletariat, a tremendous setback resulting in suffering and misery, however, to conclude from this that therefore socialism as a social system which is struggling in opposition to capitalism, no longer exists is to deny history, is to deny Marxism-Leninism, is to betray the international proletariat and to side with capitalism against the socialist countries and proletarian revolution. The attempt to liquidate the socialist camp, to deny the existence of socialism, spreads demoralization, and disarms the proletariat’. Its, aim is to strike alliances with enemies while attempting to isolate the real friends, which are found in the first place where socialism is being built, where the dictatorship of the proletariat is being strengthened and defended in the interest of proletarian revolution internationally.

Two tendencies, one covering the other, have been propagated by the modern revisionists. One tendency has been to propagate that the socialist camp includes the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, which are capitalist countries. Capitalism has been restored in these countries. To say therefore, that these countries are socialist is bankrupt. The other tendency is to say that therefore, there is no socialist camp since the treacherous betrayal of the Khruchevite revisionists and Co. Both these arguments serve imperialism and social-imperialism and oppose socialism. Both strive to liquidate the essence of the socialist camp which exists as long as even one socialist country exists. This is why Lenin and Stalin, our beloved teachers, could speak of a socialist camp when the Soviet Union stood alone as the first almighty fortress of proletarian revolution. Moreover, Lenin taught us about the capitalist world, old and decaying, going out of being, and the socialist world, growing, becoming strong, though still weak, but invincible.


The advocates of the theory of the “three worlds” are standing in opposition to Lenin’s teachings by taking the struggle out of the realm of a dialectical and historical materialist analysis and presenting distortions which reject proletarian revolution and advance a muddle of metaphysics and idealism, which brings together exploited and exploiters as fighting on the same side, for the same interest. By not making an analysis of social systems, but inventing a “third world”, “non aligned movement”, etc., imperialism is presented as a policy, denying what it is, a world wide system. This it does by denying that alignments exist, although temporary, that there are two main imperialist groupings or as the Party of Labor of Albania clearly analyzes, two imperialist blocs. We quote again from the, “Theory and Practice of the Revolution”:

The present day facts speak not of disintegration of the imperialist world, but a single world imperialist system, which is characterized today by the existence of two big imperialist blocs; on the one hand, by the western imperialist bloc, headed by U.S. imperialism, the instruments of which are such inter-imperialist organisms such as NATO, the European Common Market, etc. and on the other hand, by the countries of the east, dominated by Soviet Social-imperialism, which has as the instruments of its expansionist, hegemonistic and warmongering policy the Warsaw Treaty and Comecon. (pg. 19)

These facts of reality speak to the truth that in fact, alliances exist, though temporarily, and henchmen for the imperialists, like Josip Tito, are whipping up support for them under the so-called “non aligned movement”. But to lump together anti-imperialist forces with pro-imperialist forces like the Shah of Iran, is to strengthen the iron fist by which these total lackies of imperialism and social imperialism rule over the masses of the people. It denies the class struggle taking place within those very countries; it calls not for the defeat of one’s own bourgeoisie, but alliance with one’s own bourgeoisie against one or the other superpower. From this blatant aim at distorting reality and deceiving the masses, then flows the propagation of one or the other superpower being the “main source of war”, the “main danger”, the “most aggressive”, and who could this serve but imperialism and social-imperialism? Lenin taught us that imperialist wars are inevitable as long as imperialism exists. They are imperialist wars to redivide the world, the contention and collusion between the two superpowers indicates, in real hard facts, the equal threat that they represent to the world’s peoples. Are either one of the superpowers less imperialist than the other? No. Therefore, can either be less aggressive or warmongering? No. Can only one be the source of war? No. And this is because imperialism is a worldwide system. Rivalry between the superpowers is an objective phenomenon, and outgrowth of the world-wide system of imperialism. There is no such thing as various imperialisms, several worlds of imperialism. Lenin taught us there is one worldwide imperialist system, he said:

Capitalism has grown into a world-wide system of colonial oppression and of the financial strangulation of the overwhelming majority of the population of the world by a handful of ’advanced’ countries. And this ’booty’ is shared between two or three powerful world marauders armed to the teeth (America, Great Britain, Japan) who involve the whole world in their war over the sharing of their booty. (Preface to Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism.)

Today those two “powerful world marauders” are the superpowers, U.S. imperialism and Soviet Social- imperialism. The phenomenon of the powers which are spearheading a threat of a world war has changed, but the essence remains the same, armed to the teeth, both are preparing the conditions to involve the whole world in their war over the sharing of their “booty”. Both therefore, without a doubt, constitute the source of a world war. Propagation of the “main” source of war being placed on one or the other superpower places imperialism on a regional question and not on a world-wide system, which leads, then, to social chauvinism such as “undoubtedly the people of each particular region can decide which superpower or imperialist country poses the more immediate threat to them according to their own specific conditions” – this is a blatant departure from proletarian internationalism. The people of the world must unite to fight the enemies of the world’s people, coming from the interest of the international proletariat and not from one’s own region or own country; etc.

The great proletarian internationalist teacher of the international proletariat, Comrade Lenin, taught us this:

All philistines and all stupid and ignorant yokels argue in the same way as the renegade Kautskyites, Longuetites, Turatis and Co. ’The enemy has invaded my country, I don’t care about anything else’.

Furthermore Lenin makes very clear:

The socialist, the revolutionary argues differently. He says: ’The character of the war (whether it is reactionary or revolutionary) does not (our emp., ed.) depend on who the attacker was, or in whose country the ’enemy’ is stationed; it depends on what class is waging the war, and of what politics this war is a continuation. If the war is a reactionary, imperialist war, that is, if it is being waged by two world groups of the imperialist, rapacious, predatory, reactionary bourgeoisie, then every bourgeoisie (even of the smallest country) becomes a participant in the plunder, and my duty as a representative of the revolutionary proletariat is to prepare for the world proletarian revolution as the only escape from the horrors of a world war.’ (Lenin, Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky, pg. 79, 80)

The specific condition that we find ourselves in, in the world, is the era of imperialism, the eve of proletarian revolution, where the two imperialist superpowers are preparing to involve the whole world in a war over the sharing of the ’booty’. It is in these specific conditions that the people of the world must be vigilant and prepare for the world proletarian revolution as the only escape from the horrors of an imperialist war. To therefore propagate that each country decides who is the biggest threat to their own country, is in fact a propagation of social chauvinism, disarms the proletariat and the masses of the people as a whole, relaxes their vigilance in fact as to the dangers of the imperialist war, it is indeed an anti-Leninist position, an anti-proletarian internationalist stand. This is the danger of the propagation of one superpower, as opposed to the other, being placed as the “main source” of war. In the arguments for this, we find the “more or less aggressive” the “newcomers”, the more “desperate”, the biggest “warmonger”, etc. Lenin taught us, however, about the laws that govern an imperialist war. The fight for the redivision of the world is going on between the great powers, the superpowers; between them there is the contradiction, no one of them stands outside of this contradiction. Therefore, how can we for a moment entertain, as has been propagated stemming from the theory of the “three worlds”, that “one” is the main source and negate by doing so the laws that govern the threat of an imperialist war, for the redivison of the world. It is their war, the imperialists as a whole benefit from it, none of them hesitate, all of them involve the world in a war over the sharing of their “booty”.

The U.S. is no less aggressive; it prides itself for policing the world for “democracy”. It has not reduced but in fact increased its export of capital, its plunder and military aggression. It is imperialism as a whole and not just U.S. imperialism which is on the decline, moribund and decayed. To mislead the masses into thinking that the U.S. is “defending its possesions”, which it does, while seeking hegemony, seeking more, while at the same time propagating that the Soviet Union is a “rising” power on the offensive, is to take away the essence of the imperialist war which is for the redivision of the world, and the imperialist superpowers, due to the degree of concentration, are driven to wars for securing even greater profits. By presenting the Soviet Union as the rising power, who is then the “main source of war”, covers up the essence of the war, while hiding from the masses the true nature of imperialism in general, and, U.S. imperialism in particular, even to the point of hailing on as a victory for the masses, the Panama Canal treaty, a fig leaf for neo-colonialism. There is the contradiction between the imperialists in the struggle for the redivision of the world and this weakens the imperialist system, while the revolutionary struggle of the masses for the overthrow of capitalism is enhanced.

By placing the one superpower as the “main danger” in the threat of a world war, the masses do not receive a two-sided analysis of the world situation, not the theory of two points, but in fact a propagation of defensive tactics which strangles the revolution Propagation of the “singling” out one superpower, while relaxing the vigilance against the other, takes it out of the realm of the realities of the era that we live in, into a “new” era where we have not the world-wide system of imperialism and the rise of socialism, but “three worlds”. Not revolution and counterrevolution, but instead counter-revolution and anti-imperialist struggle, taking it half way, and not to completion. We have not the contradiction between labor and capital in the capitalist countries, which indeed is developing as all the objective conditions for proletarian revolution are ripe; instead what are we told?: “...as a result of the Soviet ruling cliques betrayal, the spread of revisionist ideology and the splits in’ the ranks of the working class, the workers revolutionary movement in the developed capitalist countries cannot but remain at the stage of regrouping and accumulating strength. In these countries there is as yet no revolutionary situation for the immediate seizure of state power.”


In the developed capitalist countries, the social basis for revisionism exists internally in the ranks of the working class because imperialism has been able to bribe a small stratum of the working class from the superprofits of imperialist plunder. The treacherous betrayal of the Soviet revisionist clique is a factor in the ideological spreading of revisionism, but the main factor is found internally in the social basis for revisionism, the labor aristocracy, in the capitalist countries. The labor aristocracy is the basis for splits in the ranks of the working class, for the spreading of national chauvinism, for the spreading of reformism and class collaboration. The struggle against the agents of the bourgeoisie, the labor aristocracy and against opportunism is in fact intensifying, reflecting the contradiction between labor and capital in the capitalist countries and the struggle against the bourgeoisie is indeed reflecting a developing revolutionary situation in some countries, as revolutionary situations must be analyzed concretely in each given country and cannot be generalized as something which is not happening anywhere because of Soviet Social-imperialism. As to the immediacy of proletarian revolution in the capitalist countries, Comrade Lenin teaches us:

Capital in the advanced countries has outgrown the boundaries of national states. It has established monopoly in place of competition, thus creating all the objective prerequisites for the achievement of socialism. Hence, in Western Europe and in the United States of America, the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat for the overthrow of the capitalist governments, for the expropriation of the bourgeoisie, is on the order of the day. (our emph., ed.) Lenin, from The Socialist Revolution and the Rights of Nations to Self-Determination.)

All the objective conditions are set, and are ripe, what is lagging behind is the subjective factor, the preparedness of the proletariat, the development and consolidation of genuine Marxist-Leninist Parties to lead the struggle for proletarian revolution, for the dictatorship of the proletariat, which indeed is on the order of the day, the immediate task of the proletariat, its greatest contribution to the wars of national liberation. It’s the proletariat’s internationalist duty to overthrow our own bourgeoisie, and assist the development of the revolution in all countries. We are not in a stage of regrouping and accumulating strength, the proletariat in the capitalist countries is waging a fierce struggle as conditions of life worsen, as the burden of the general crisis of imperialism is thrown on the backs of the proletariat and oppressed masses, as the development of young but strong genuine communist parties, rooting themselves amongst the masses, are developing in a tit-for-tat struggle against revisionism in defense of Marxism-Leninism. Both the objective conditions which are ripe for revolution and the developing subjective factor make it all the more inevitable that the revolution is developing in the capitalist countries, and that the question of seizure of state power is being taken up for resolution.


It is the proletariat who is the main force of the revolution, in all countries; led by genuine communist parties, the proletariat unites with all the truly anti-imperialist forces, fights its own bourgeoisie, and assists the development of the revolution in all countries. The struggle of the oppressed nations against imperialism has been a great contribution to the world-wide proletarian revolution, glorious and victorious revolutions which have weakened imperialism, the weak links of imperialism, as Lenin called them. The contradiction between imperialism and the colonies is one of the four contradictions as Lenin and Stalin analyzed them and as the Party of Labor of Albania, with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head, clearly points out and these contradictions are manifested throughout world events today.

One cannot be negated, one place in isolation from any other. The struggle of the colonies against colonial oppression, against imperialism, has assumed the role of importance to the revolution that Lenin said it would. He said:

One of the main consequences of imperialism is that it has hastened the development of capitalism in these backward countries and thereby extends and intensifies the struggle against national oppression. That is a fact. It inevitably follows from this that imperialism must often give rise to national wars. (Address to the Second All Russian Congress of Communist Organizations of the Peoples of the East, Nov. 22, 1919)

In addition he makes clear:

National wars waged by colonial and semi-colonial countries are not only possible but inevitable in the epoch of imperialism. (From the pamphlet on Junius, July,1919)

These scientifically analyzed truths are ever more evident today. Comrade Lenin made a complete detailed analysis and predicted with all genius what is precisely happening today. The world has not gone into a new era, where we find “three worlds”, but in fact, more than ever before, we can point out with all clear handedness, based on Marxism-Leninism, exactly how these truths are manifesting themselves. The imperialist and social-imperialist are scheming and conniving to launch another war to redivide the world amongst themselves, while the masses on the other hand very upfront are waging wars of national liberation, struggling for independence, sovereignty, struggling for socialism and communism, which will undoubtedly replace capitalism-the conditions for the complete overthrow of imperialism have been set. All genuine Marxist-Leninists have the responsibility to arm the masses with an understanding of what is indeed taking places, we must elaborate what are the four contradictions in the world today and show the masses with concrete facts how imperialism is doomed to failure, while making trouble and will not disappear of itself, but must be toppled. The proletariat in the advanced capitalist countries must make the preparations to turn the imperialist war into a civil war and not be satisfied with the analysis of “regroup and gather strength.” Combined with the struggle of the masses for national liberation, for new democrary, as a stage to prepare the conditions for socialism, where conditions demand this stage. Combined with these struggles the proletariat in the advanced capitalist countries will defeat their own bourgeoisie.

At no time can we place the main force of the revolution on any other force but the proletariat, the vanguard of the struggle. The hegemony of the proletariat in the revolution must be, secured in order that the revolution may maintain a correct course and not be threatened with diversion and catastrophy. The proletariat is the most consistently revolutionary class and as such, is in the position to guide the struggle for national liberation and social liberation to its completion. While struggling against comprador bourgeois-fascist elements like Marcos in the Philippines, who is trying to sneak in as a “progressive” element of the “third world”, the proletariat, led by its political Party unites around its revolutionary program all the oppressed masses, and raises their revolutionary aspirations, guided firmly, into resolute action.


In the national liberation movements, the proletariat, internationally finds a most direct and resolute reserve, and its policy is one of direct and resolute support, fighting actively for the right of nations to self-determination, up to and including political secession. The unity of the proletariat of the oppressor nations, with the proletariat of oppressed nations, is not only gaining strength, but is a necessary condition for the triumph of the revolution. To advocate, therefore that the “third world is the motive force of history”, is to deny, in fact, the vanguard role of the international proletariat. It’s to lump together bourgeois comprador elements of the “third world”, with, the truly progressive, peace loving peoples fighting for freedom. The notion of a “third world” does, in fact, gloss over the class essence of the struggle and who is capable of leading it, as well as who will betray it.


While the Shah of Iran negotiated a 20 million dollar contract with AT&T in 1976, as just one example, the bourgeois comprador element, total lackey of U.S. imperialism, is placed in the category of being a force within the “main force” of the struggle against imperialism. By not drawing the class distinctions, but in fact, covering them up, the comprador bourgeois elements of the “third world” can champion themselves as the defenders of “human rights”, while all along massacreing the class conscious proletarians, the truly patriotic forces, actively being the source of splits among the people, while enslaving the masses, while standing opposed to national liberation, while pursuing the colonialist aims of the imperialists, the social imperialists, the bourgeoisie, and all reaction. Comrade Enver Hoxha teaches us:

The enemies must not be given a moments respite to come to agreement, to group their forces and organize themselves to fight the revolution, socialism, and the peoples, with new strength. In this struggle the allies of the proletariat are all those who are oppressed by, and suffering at the hands of the imperialists, the bourgeoisie and reaction, who want freedom and independence for their peoples, those who oppose imperialism and social-imperialism and their hegemonistic plans. (Report to 7th Congress P.L.A. pg. 181)

The recent visit of Sadat to Israel is a recent example of how the imperialists are grouping their forces, as well as the recently called Cairo meeting. This further brings to light what Comrade Enver Hoxha:

The hostilities between the Arab peoples and Israel, the situation amongst the Arab peoples themselves, who are split and in disagreement with one another, which is being aggravated by the Soviet-U.S. intrigues, are a consequence of this key problem, of the endeavours of the two superpowers to seize oil resources.

Both superpowers, while playing behind the scenes, are the directors of the Cairo meeting, pretending to be hesitating on the meeting. The U.S. are for it, engineers of it, while the Soviet Union is going to pretend to be on the side of the national liberation movements – both serve to divide the Arab peoples. Both act as the source of war, while one does it overtly, the other covertly. Again we quote Comrade Hoxha: “United States openly assists Israel to keep the Arab world divided. The Soviet Union allegedly helps the Arab peoples by selling them arms, while it is sending large numbers of Soviet Jews to Israel where they are used as cannon fodder against the Arab people.” (ibid, pg. 184)

While the masses of Arab peoples shed their blood, and sacrifice their lives for freedom, in defense of their national homeland, in defense of justice and peace, the superpowers utilize their lackey comprador elements to make deals behind the backs of the people, while attempting to deceive the people, these puppets mascarade themselves as defenders of the national liberation movements.

The U.S. imperialists make no bones about it,

After four days of extraordinary diplomacy conducted largely behind the scenes, President Carter has turned a corner in his efforts to. limit the damage of the split in the Arab world, retaining the U.S. option for an overall Arab-Israeli settlement. (N.Y. Post, Dec. 5, 1977)

This is why we must look at the international situation and stand with Lenin’s authentic brilliant analysis and struggle against “new” theories which are aimed at undermining Marxism-Leninism, aimed at strangulating the revolution.

We must analyse the world not loosing site of the four main contradictions in the international struggle for proletarian revolution, for freedom, for total emancipation. We must analyze the forces in struggle and determine which are revolutionary and which are counter-revolutionary. We must oppose the imperialist war – which is reactionary, and support the revolutionary wars of the masses struggling against imperialism, social-imperialism, the bourgeoisie and all reaction. We must never loose sight of the fact, proven beyond dispute, that Imperialism, is a world-wide system and that the essence of imperialist wars is the redivision of the world. These are reactionary wars where the “great” powers involve the whole world over the sharing of their spoils. We must never loose sight of the fact that imperialism is the eve of the socialist revolution. That indeed imperialism is the highest and last stage of the development of capitalism. It is decadent and moribund parasitic capitalism, where all the conditions for the victory of the socialist revolution have ripened.

The world has been divided into two hostile camps – the capitalist world and the socialist world; the latter, although young and weaker is invincible. Every country will go through the socialist revolution, although all will not go through it in the same way as conditions differ.

We cannot however, lump together the socialist countries which are gaining strength, consolidating the dictatorship of the proletariat, serving as the most reliable friend of the people of the world, with those countries which are fighting for national liberation, revolutionary, sacrificing and heroic, but whose task is to defeat the imperialist aggressor, overthrow the comprador bourgeois elements, establish whatever form of peoples democracy, as a necessary stage in order to prepare the conditions for the victory of socialism.

In the socialist countries we find a wealth of experience to learn from, we find the fortresses of the world-wide proletarian revolution, for this very reason, the imperialists try in a million and one ways to subvert the revolution, to undermine the dictatorship of the proletariat. Capitalist encirclement is one way, while depending on capitalist roaders. inside the socialist countries is yet another, and in fact, the one they bank on the most. Matters cannot be confused, a “world” which can include any and all social systems and revolutionary and counter-revolutionary forces serves to muddle up matters at a time when the world’s people need clear orientation as we need the very air we breathe.


To place the socialist countries as underdeveloped countries of the “third world” disarms the proletariat and oppressed masses as to the dangers of capitalist encirclement and the duty of the proletariat and oppressed masses to defend the socialist fortresses against imperialist aggression, in fact, it aides in isolating the socialist system and presents it as a system which has yet to be realized, (presenting it in fact, as on the same level as the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America) thus negating the great victories of the October 1917 Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Albanian Revolution.

We stand proud of the sacrificing, heroic examples set by the Russian, Chinese and Albanian proletariat and oppressed masses. Socialism is not a Utopian dream but a social system of oar time, of our era, and it is what is coming into being internationally, communism inevitably shall be triumphant.

In analyzing the world situation, we must never loose sight of what’s going out of being and what’s coming into being, and from this perspective we stand by the Bolshevik strategy guiding our struggle. The proletariat of the advanced capitalist countries must prepare to turn the imperialist war into a civil war, and oppose the social-chauvinism to either stand idle “regrouping and gathering strength”, as well as, opposing any and every attempt to unite with “our” own bourgeoisie. The revolution in the dependent and colonial countries pushes ahead and the international proletariat resolutely supports the heroic struggles of the oppressed nations for national liberation; the leadership of the proletariat led by its party can never be surrendered. Painful experiences, Chile, Indonesia, are but two examples of the suffering the masses go through, the bloodshed, the hardship, the setbacks suffered. While at the same time we can point out with joy and pride to the victorious Chinese and Albanian Revolutions, which are directly linked with the vanguard role of the proletariat and its Party, who led the struggle for national liberation and have proceeded to build and consolidate socialism.


While the theory of “the three worlds” becomes apologist for imperialism and their lackies in the colonies and dependent countries, it stands to reason that nowhere do we get a picture of developing genuine Communist Parties in the “third world” guiding the struggle of the masses for emancipation. The truth, however, is that genuine Marxist-Leninist parties are developing internationally and uniting in a resolute defense of Marxism-Leninism in a resolute fight for proletarian revolution. The Brazilian comrades are correct when they say:

The theory of three worlds is openly opposed to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine, the roads which they point to are different. The one leads to revolution, (for national and social liberation), while the other, to the maintenance of the capitalist-imperialist system. One road favors the struggle for the hegemony of the proletariat, while the other binds the working class and progressive forces to the bandwagon of the bourgeoisie. One road aids in strengthening the communist parties, in order to awaken and unite the broad masses of exploited and oppressed, while the other divides the parties of the vanguard forces, merges the revolutionary struggle in a front dominated by reactionary trends. One enhances the political consciousness and fighting spirit of the working people and masses of the people, while the other reduces the class consciousness of the proletariat. (Article of the newspaper “A Classe Operaria”, Central organ of the CP of Brazil).

This precise summation of the opportunist essence of the theory of the “three worlds”, the clear exposure of its opposition to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of proletarian revolution, while presenting a clear defense of the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism, is an inspiration to all genuine Marxist-Leninists who stand united by one Marxist-Leninist line for the international communist movement; while an incorrect line serves to disunite and undermine the revolutionary forces, the Marxist-Leninist line serves to unite in open and above board principled polemics all the genuine forces independent of size, development, or conditions faced in the struggle.

We are in the era of Leninism, the era of imperialism, the eve of the socialist revolution.

The theory of “three worlds” negates this truth, and the revivals of the freedom to criticize Marxism-Leninism accompanies this theory.


Rather than defend the authenticity of the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, we are presented with arguments such as Marx, Engels and Lenin “didn’t” foresee the question of the social ownership of the means of production. The great teachers of the international proletariat from the time Marx discovered and developed scientific socialism, based their work and gave their lives fighting for the fundamental change of society, the struggle to abolish private property, the struggle for proletarian revolution, for the dictatorship of the proletariat as the powerful instrument for the transition from socialism to communism.

Every socialist revolution has enriched these teachings, great contributions have been made and continue to be made, but the theoretical and practical guidance to the revolution is found in scientific socialism by applying the universal truths of Marxism-Leninism, dialectical and historical materialism, to the concrete conditions which are faced in each country. The “elaboration” of “new” theories is the downfall of all who deviate from the strictest adherence to Marxism-Leninism. All genuine Marxist-Leninists must take the example of the Albanian comrades, the P.L.A. with comrade Enver Hoxha in its leadership, who staunchly stand in defense of the authenticity of Marxism-Leninism, who are leading the polemics internationally against a “new” theory which has caused great harm internationally.


We must fight against all and any attempts at reversal of correct verdicts. Josip Tito is an arch enemy of the masses of the exploited and oppressed, in no way, shape or form does Josip Tito represent the righteous, heroic and revolutionary aspirations and interests of the masses of the world’ people. The Yugoslavian masses are our brothers and sisters, heroic and self-sacrificing, suffering under the brutal exploitation since the capitalist restoration in Yugoslavia; Josip Tito, before Khrushchov and Co., attacked Marxism-Leninism, attacked Stalin and systematically took, step by step, to develop his “own” brand of “socialism”,, which is nothing more than capitalism, and has nothing in common with socialism. Tito is the mouthpiece of imperialism, for the “non aligned movement”; the road paved by this “movement” is treacherous betrayal to the international proletariat and the masses of oppressed people, which can only lead to more blood shed.

While the imperialist superpowers and their allies, other second rate imperialist and capitalist countries of the “second world” prepare to involve the whole world in a war over the sharing in the redivision of the world amongst themselves, Tito, who prides himself for the role he played at the Helsinki Conference of tyrants says this:

We deem it necessary that, regardless of difficulties the greatest possible number of countries take part in the negotiations that would lead to the relaxation of tension and lessening of distrust among states.

“Lessening of distrust among states” – this demogagery is intended to deceive the masses into believing that the imperialists, the social-imperialists, the bourgeoisie and all reaction are really doing all they can to stop the plunder, rape, and brutal exploitation of the masses internationally. This is like trying to make biscuits out of cement, we would starve waiting for it to soften. By preaching ”relaxed tensions” this imperialist mouth piece is trying to organize his “non-aligned movement” under a platform which would strengthen the hand of the imperialist and social-imperialist, while sabotaging the revolutionary struggles, the resistance of the masses, which would lead to slaughter of the masses on an international scale.


But the masses will not be duped, these lackies of imperialism cause great harm and rather than wish them well, we know their day of doom is certain, but the will power of the masses, the determination of the peace loving, progressive, revolutionary world’s people, the vanguard role of the international proletariat, the victories scored in many parts of the globe, show more clearly than ever that the masses of people will march evermore forward, evermore determined, evermore united, making history, moving the wheels of history forward. The enemies will suffer defeat upon defeat, and any temporary gain for the imperialists, the social-imperialists, the bourgeoisie and all reaction will be just that, temporary, while the world’s people can, in all certainty, embrace their future which is bright. There’s nothing to lose – a world to gain, correctly taught us Karl Marx, our beloved teacher.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live Invincible Marxism-Leninism!
Long Live the Victory of the Socialist Revolution!