Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists

U.S. Neo-Revisionism as the American Expression of the International Opportunist Trend of Chinese Revisionism

First Published: 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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EROL Note: These articles first appeared as a series in the Workers’ Advocate newspaper in 1979. The following year, in the edited form in which they appear here, they were reprinted by the Marxist-Leninist Party in two pamphlets. Parts I-III and Part V appeared in the pamphlet, The Struggle for the Party Versus Chinese Revisionism. Parts IV and VI were reproduced in the pamphlet, Mao, Browder and Social-Democracy.


Part I: The Red Thread Running Through All the Fights and Controversies of the Last Decade in the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Movement Has Been the Struggle Between Revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and Opportunist Neo-Revisionism

Part II: Neo-Revisionism Opposes the Struggle Against Revisionism and Opportunism

Part III: Neo-Revisionism Denies the Necessity for and the Role of the Marxist-Leninist Party of the Proletariat

Part IV: Mao, Browder and Social-Democracy

Part V: To Pursue a United Front with “Three Worlders” Is Anti-Marxist and Tantamount to Betrayal

Part VI: Mao Zedong Thought Cannot Dull the Brilliance of the Great October Socialist Revolution