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Down with the “RCP-USA’s” Shameful Anti-Communist Attack on the Glorious Party of Labor of Albania!

First Published: The Workers’ Advocate, Vol. 9, No. 2, February 12, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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In an editorial in the January 1979 issue of Revolution, the Central Organ of the Central Committee of the “Revolutionary Communist Party, USA”, the “RCP,USA” makes a vicious anti-communist attack on Comrade Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labor of Albania. The RCP leadership displayed its U.S. great-power chauvinism and essentially called for the overthrow of the leadership of the Party of Labor of Albania. The editorial is full of filth, like saying that the PLA allegedly is “challenging the entire science of Marxism-Leninism” and is following “bourgeois nationalist interests”. And what is the pretext for “RCP’s” frenzied gangster activity? The RCP leadership is frightened by the publication in English and release of Enver Hoxha’s outstanding new work Imperialism and the Revolution. With this attack on Albania, the RCP leadership has come out openly against the only genuine socialist country in the world and exposed the RCP’s anti-revolutionary and anti-communist features. With this attack, the RCP leadership has come out in the open to claim the title of commando squad of “three worlds-ism” and wrecking crew for imperialism and revisionism. This attack marks the complete bankruptcy of the “RCP” and of its chief “theoretical” hack and “creative” interpreter of the “three worlds” theory and Chinese revisionism, Bob Avakian.

Why is the “RCP” leadership attacking the Party of Labor of Albania? The “RCP” is doing this because it is a fervent adherent of the theory of “three worlds” and of the entire arsenal of Chinese revisionism. We show in an article elsewhere in this issue the fraudulent nature of “RCP’s” criticism of the “three worlds” theory. The “RCP” has sought one way after another to hold back the struggle against “three worlds-ism” and to preserve the basic theses of “three worlds-ism”. Their differences with the Klonskyites (“CP (M-L)”) are not on fundamentals, but only on shade, they were never opponents of the social-chauvinists but only centrists, conciliators, as we showed in the pamphlet “Why Did the ’RCP, USA’ Split?’. It was inevitable that the deepening of the struggle against “three worlds-ism” and Chinese revisionism would drive the “RCP” to frenzy. They were not happy about Enver Hoxha’s historic Report to the Seventh Congress of the Party of Labor of Albania nor about the justly famous article “The Theory and Practice of the Revolution”. They were thrown into a panic by the July 29th “Letter of the CC of the Party of Labor and the Government of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party and the Government of China”. Instead of enthusiastically taking up the defense of socialist Albania against the attacks of the Chinese revisionists, Teng Hsiao-ping, Hua Kuo-feng and Co., they circulated attacks on Albania. The “RCP’s” article in the September 1978 Revolution on China’s attacks on Albania was not a defense of Albania but a polemic against the July 29th Letter. The “RCP” leadership is afraid of the exposure of the long-standing roots of Chinese revisionism. Now that Imperialism and the Revolution has been published, they have let out their full anti-communist fury. The “RCP” leadership has attacked the book before reading it: the editorial admits that “we have not had an opportunity to study the book” but have only seen the summary from the December 20th issue of the Albanian Telegraphic Agency. From that alone they can tell that the PLA is allegedly “challenging the entire science of Marxism-Leninism”. What a serious scientific attitude to Marxism-Leninism, what a careful examination and study of the views of the Party of Labor of Albania! , The “RCP” leadership is in such a hurry because they want to stop the circulation of this book or, at least, to close the minds of their cadre in advance. But the “RCP’s” frenzy will only arouse even more interest in Imperialism and the Revolution. Circulation and study of Comrade Hoxha’s book will be a good way for the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists to reply to “RCP’s” treachery!

Revolution’s editorial reveals the “RCP’s” leadership’s total degeneration to gangster activity. More and more in the last half year, the RCP has stepped up its gangster style of activity and aim 3d them not at the Klonskyites but mainly at the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists, both in the U.S. and internationally. The editorial utterly revels in its shame. It declares the existence of two lines in the Party of Labor of Albania and states its solidarity with those who “will fight Enver Hoxha’s attempts to drag them on the wrong side of this dividing line” and declares that the Albanian Marxist-Leninists are ”in objective unity with Teng Hsiao-ping, the Soviet social-imperialists and other revisionists”. Thus the “RCP” leadership is openly endorsing the despicable acts of the Chinese revisionists in inciting and organizing the treacherous sabotage activity of the putschist group of Beqir Balluku, Abdyl Kellezi, Koco Theod-hosi, etc. The “RCP” leadership is not expressing some difference of opinion in the common struggle nor is it writing a scientific polemic, instead on the contrary, the “RCP” leadership simply calls for the overthrow of the PLA’s leadership. This is out-and-out fascist, imperialist mentality. This is the same road as Tito, Khrushchov and the Chinese revisionists tried before the “RCP” leadership. As Enver says, referring to the Chinese attempt, “So we made the mines explode in the hands of the Chinese.” (“Albania Is Forging Ahead Confidently and Unafraid” reprinted in Proletarian Internationalism, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 55) And the “RCP’s” vicious attacks on a principled Party staunchly fighting all revisionism and upholding the purity of Marxism-Leninism, the PLA, will surely blow up in their own hands in a torrent of outrage from all genuine Marxist-Leninists!

The ”RCP” leadership has by its actions shown its hatred of socialism. The “RCP” would have the world believe that it is only motivated by its pure love for socialism in China. But how can one love socialism in China and hate it in Albania? Albania is a small country, with less population than many cities of the world. Yet it has set an example to the whole world of unflinching courage in following the principles of Marxism-Leninism. It impresses the whole world and upsets the plans of Chinese revisionism by relying neither on U.S. imperialism, Soviet social-imperialism nor any other patron. Albania stands firmly on the basis of self-reliance and the support of the world proletariat and all progressive people. It shows the tremendous power of the toiling masses when led by a genuine Marxist-Leninist Communist Party such as the Party of Labor of Albania. It shows the shining reality of socialism and shines forth as a beacon to all the oppressed and exploited masses around the world. And the “RCP” leadership has no warmth, no love, not even respect for glorious socialist Albania, but just fear and spite in front of Albania’s unflinching stand against revisionism. The “RCP” leadership, like any run of the mill Trotskyite, attacks Albania for “bourgeois nationalist interest”.

In the editorial, the “RCP” gives no serious arguments at all to explain its treachery. The editorial is written in the vulgar style that one has come to expect of the “RCP”. The editorial shouts a little about consistency. Imagine that! The “RCP”, which is jumping from this position to that position in a frenzy on the “three worlds” theory, is worried about consistency. The “RCP” leadership regards it as highly inconsistent that the PLA defended the Communist Party of China when the CPC was fighting imperialism and revisionism, refrained from making its differences public, and maintained this stand until the open alliance of Chinese revisionism with imperialism, and the Chinese revisionists’ barbarous and brutal attacks on Albania forced an open split. Anyone who wishes to know how the Albanians developed the struggle against Chinese revisionism should read the July 29th Letter and Imperialism and the Revolution. Anyone who traces the PLA’s stand on any important question through the readily available literature will see that the PLA has constantly maintained a consistent principled position – and it will be quite a relief from trying to figure out the zig-zag positions of the Chinese revisionists on anything.

The fact is that it is not consistency that the “RCP” leadership is worrying about. Instead the “RCP” leadership is trying to defend Chinese revisionism and the “three worlds” theory through the same political blackmail with respect to Mao Tsetung that the Klonskyites tried in 1977. A difference of shade is that the Klonskyites flaunted the “three worlds” theory and tried to hide their revisionism and denial of the revolutionary Marxism-Leninism of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, while the “RCP,USA” in its long series “Mao Tsetung’s Immortal Contributions” flaunts Bob Avakian’s contempt for Marx, Engels, Lenin and especially Stalin and is trying to disguise its support for the “three worlds” theory. We predict that they will have the same fiasco that the “CP(M-L)” Pentagon-socialists and volunteer advisors to the State Department had before them. The Marxist-Leninists will continue the struggle against Chinese revisionism despite the “RCP’s” hysteria. On the question of Mao Tsetung, we hold that he is not a Marxist-Leninist classicist and we are certain that Comrade Enver Hoxha’s book Imperialism and the Revolution will prove invaluable in uncovering the deep sources and long-term roots of Chinese revisionism.

As everyone knows, the “RCP” recently sponsored a big campaign to “give a fitting welcome to Teng Hsiao-ping”. In our opinion, they succeeded quite well. Nothing could have made Teng happier than anti-communist attacks on and fascist, Trotskyite slanders of socialist Albania, the sharp thorn in the side of all imperialists and social-imperialists. But besides the ”RCP” leadership with its “fitting welcome” to Chinese revisionism, there are also the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists who led the proletariat in denouncing the U. S.-China warmongering imperialist alliance . The revolutionary proletariat will never stop fighting social-chauvinism and all the “three worlder” sects and enemies of socialism. Today the defense of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania is the touchstone of proletarian internationalism. And proletarian internationalism is inseparably connected with the struggle against “three worlds-ism”, Chinese revisionism and all forms of revisionism and opportunism. Down with “RCP’s anti-communist attacks on the Party of Labor of Albania!