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Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists

Down With Chinese Social-Imperialism’s Savage Aggression Against Viet Nam!

Statement of the National Executive Committee of the Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists (February 24, 1979)

First Published:The Workers’ Advocate Vol. 9, No. 3, March 29, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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On February 17th, Chinese social-imperialism brutally invaded Viet Nam. In a massive military offensive along the entire length of the 489 miles of the Sino-Vietnamese border, the Chinese have launched over 200,000 troops along with tanks and heavy artillery into Viet Nam, reportedly seizing positions up to 20 miles inside Vietnamese territory. The Chinese aggressors are savagely attacking the Vietnamese people and it has been reported that the Vietnamese forces have put up fierce resistance in heavy fighting.

This criminal and outrageous aggression against the freedom-loving Vietnamese people ordered by the revisionist cutthroats in Peking lays bare before the whole world the social-imperialist course (socialist in words and imperialist in deeds) on Which China has now embarked. In 1968, the Khrushchovite revisionists, who had overthrown socialism in the Soviet Union, ordered the invasion of Czechoslovakia by a half-million Soviet troops and tanks when the Czechoslovakian leaders refused to go along with Moscow’s dictate. That infamous invasion marked in practice that the Soviet Union had definitely taken the road of social-imperialism and had emerged as an aggressive warmongering superpower along with U.S. imperialism. So too, China’s savage invasion of Viet Nam shows that China, following the revisionist and counter-revolutionary “strategy of three worlds”, has openly emerged as a big nation chauvinist, imperialist power. While the Chinese revisionist gangsters prattle about “order and stability” and “maintaining peace”, they are pursuing in practice an unbridled policy of imperialist aggression and war. Just as the Japanese militarists and the French imperialists tried to keep Viet Nam as their colony through wars of conquest, and just as U.S. imperialism waged one of the longest, most savage and bloodiest wars of aggression in history to enslave Viet Nam, now too Chinese social-imperialism is trying its hand at subjugating the Vietnamese people, once again turning war-torn Viet Nam into a big battle zone.

The brutal Chinese invasion of Viet Nam is the direct fruit of the U.S. imperialist – Chinese revisionist alliance. It was only 13 days after the revisionist chieftain Teng Hsiao-ping concluded his 9-day pilgrimage to the U.S. that the Chinese troops invaded Viet Nam. Teng’s visit marked the full flowering and public declaration of an all-round economic, political, ideological and military alliance between U.S. imperialism and revisionist China. Mr. Teng and his host, Mr. Jimmy Carter, sang praises together of their “new relationship” as a “factor for peace and stability in Asia and the world”. The inauguration of the open U.S.-China alliance was advertised as a roadblock to aggression, a way to thwart the hegemonism of Soviet social-imperialism which both Washington and Peking want to portray as the only aggressor. However, China’s invasion of Viet Nam reveals the U.S.-China alliance for what it is: an alliance for aggression and war.

In their secret talks, Carter and Teng did not discuss “peace and security”, but their plans to advance their mutual inter-imperialist rivalry with the Soviet Union and to suppress the struggles of the proletariat and people for liberation and socialism in blood. It is not an accident that within six hours after leaving the U.S., Teng proclaimed that China was “going to teach Viet Nam a lesson.” Clearly the Chinese invasion of Viet Nam received the blessings of the chieftains of U.S. imperialism and is a product of the U.S.-China alliance.

The proclamations by the U.S. State Department that the U.S. is “neutral” in the fighting in Indochina is a patent fraud. These statements to the effect that the fighting “is not our affair” are aimed at allowing Carter to stand aside like a little boy who hides his dirty hands after heaving a muddy brick, thus portraying the U.S. imperialists as peace-loving angels who “will work for peace and security” “whoever is at fault”.

However, U.S. imperialism has been and remains an aggressive, warmongering, neo-colonialist superpower. The U.S. imperialists have ravaged the Asian continent from one end to the other in countless acts of aggression, intervention and bloody wars of conquest; in China, Korea, Indochina, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. While soundly defeated at the hands of the Vietnamese people, U.S. imperialism has not given up the ghost in the slightest and seeks revenge. Today the U.S. imperialists are rigging up a Washington-Peking-Tokyo aggressive axis for the purpose of driving Soviet social-imperialism out of the region and to suppress the revolution in Asia.

The U.S. imperialists have approved and instigated China’s invasion of Viet Nam for their own ends. The fiendish U.S. strategy is to hurl China against the peoples and against the Soviet Union for its own advantage. The U.S. imperialist media speculates with glee about the “widening of the war”, “possible nuclear conflict between China and the Soviet Union”, etc., terrible and deadly prospects from which blood-soaked U.S. imperialism hopes to benefit. Using the tension created in Indochina, the U.S. ruling circles are trying to create maximum war hysteria and are conducting propaganda for war preparations including the reinstitution of the draft.

China’s invasion of Viet Nam exposes the very dangerous game the imperialist powers are engaged in. Now the Soviet Union is making threats against China and massive troop maneuvers are taking place on the Sino-Soviet border. The Kremlin has signed a “treaty of friendship and mutual cooperation” with Viet Nam and pretends to be on the side of the Vietnamese people. But in fact, the Soviet Union is also a ferocious imperialist state which may enter the conflict for its own superpower designs. It has been reported that both Soviet and U.S. warships have been brought into the South China Sea. Clearly, world imperialism has created an extremely explosive and dangerous situation for the proletariat and oppressed people.

Peking’s “justifications” for attacking a small neighboring country can fool no one. China says that it is only carrying out a “punitive” measure. But didn’t U.S. imperialism carry out its war of aggression against Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia under this very same slogan? When Teng Hsiao-ping speaks of “punishing” Viet Nam for alleged “mistreatment” of the Chinese nationality in Viet Nam, he is only echoing Hitler who invaded Czechoslovakia under the pretense of alleged ill treatment of the German people there. The claim that China is only “punishing” Viet Nam in retaliation for the fighting between Viet Nam and Cambodia and the struggle inside Cambodia is the height of hypocrisy, particularly in that the hand of Chinese revisionism has been lurking behind the scenes in those wars. Peking’s claim that it is only carrying out a “punitive raid” and not trying to seize Vietnamese territory does not “justify” aggression, it does not change the fact that Chinese troops are savagely attacking the Vietnamese people on Vietnamese territory in order to impose Peking’s dictate on them.

Progressive public opinion everywhere will surely condemn China’s invasion of Viet Nam. The people are rapidly learning the true counter-revolutionary features of the Chinese revisionist leaders who have for years been the close allies of the most hated enemies of the people from the Shah of Iran, Pinochet of Chile, Mobutu of the Congo (Kinshasa), and who have been good friends of the fascist King of Spain, the German revanchists and Japanese militarists. In their their counter-revolutionary race to turn China into a superpower, the Chinese revisionist gangsters have savagely and brutally attacked the only genuine socialist country in the world today, the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania. And they have openly called for a “united front” with U.S. imperialism which can only be directed against the proletariat and people of the world. The American proletariat and people too, who in their millions fought against U.S. aggression in Viet Nam, will condemn China’s invasion which is an outcome of the U.S. -China warmongering alliance.

Revisionist China has joined the camp of world imperialism. It is guided in counter-revolution by the Chinese revisionist theory of “three worlds”, a pro-imperialist theory of aggression and war. Along with U.S. imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism and the other imperialist powers, Chinese social- imperialism has emerged as a savage enemy of the peoples. The world proletariat and the oppressed peoples must fight against all imperialisms, including Chinese imperialism. China’s aggression against Viet Nam will prove to be a big defeat for the Chinese invaders who will surely be rebuffed by the heroic Vietnamese people. The American proletariat and people also must rise up and defeat the savage U.S. imperialist beast whose alliance with Chinese social-imperialism has brought about this savage aggression against Viet Nam.