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People run RCP racists out of Crown Heights

First Published: The Call, Vol. 7, No. 31, July 31, 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Brooklyn–The Black community of Crown Heights exposed the so-called “Revolutionary Communist Party” (RCP) last week for what it is: a racist gang that has nothing in common with the principles or methods of genuine communists.

The incident took place on July 15. A handful of RCPers, mostly white, tried to march into Crown Heights. They supposedly wanted to “support” the Black community’s struggle against a wave of racist terror, especially the June 14 police killing of community leader Arthur Miller.

In fact, however, the RCP march was not in “support” of the community struggle at all. It was an effort–however feeble–to split the community’s unity and wreck the united front that has developed in response to the police terror.

It was an effort by the RCP to promote themselves as “leaders” of the struggle, when they have done no work in the community and even refused to support the mass united front demonstration scheduled for the next day. An estimated 5,000 people participated in that action, including numerous community organizations, the CPML, CYO and National Fight Back Organization.

As the tiny band of RCP marchers approached Crown Heights on July 15, residents mobilized to block their lead car from entering the community.

About 75 people from the community gathered to repel the RCP group, telling them in no uncertain terms, “You’re not wanted here–get out.”

“If they really want to support us,” said Black community activist Igwe Kobie, “then let them come back tomorrow.”

While some RCPers tried to argue that they were being “red-baited” or attacked simply because they were white, this clearly was not the truth of the matter. Genuine communists have been welcomed in the struggle and have participated actively. Furthermore, in the mass march on July 16, a number of white activists were present.

Jitu Weusi from The East organization pointed out at the July 16 rally, ”This demonstration was organized by the Black United Front. We welcome all groups to work with the Black United Front. But we will not be exploited. We won’t let any group peck over our community. We stopped one march and we will stop anyone else.”

The RCP was not kicked out of Crown Heights because they are communists or because they are white. They were kicked out because of their contempt for the masses in Crown Heights and their blatant chauvinism towards the Afro-American struggle.