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It’s a question of survival: CPML needs your support

First Published: The Call, Vol. 8, No. 30, July 30, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Four weeks into the CPML’s fundraising drive we still have a big $181,000 left in order to reach our goal of $200,000. This is not to say that we’re off to a bad start; this week, which brought in $8,600 along with many moving messages of support, was the best yet.

But it’s still a sobering fact that we must average $8,200 each week for the remaining five months to push this thermometer over the top by January 1.

We want to emphasize, the situation is critical.

Some of you were surprised that we were forced to cut back the size of The Call/EI Clarin for the remainder of the summer. This showed us that the seriousness of our circumstances has not been brought home well enough.

There’s no doubt about it; it’s a question of survival. Without the money we’re asking you to contribute, we simply will not be able to continue to publish a weekly newspaper and other Party publications, pay the small staff of full-time people who work in the Party center, or carry out many of the of her tasks the Party has set for itself – even at the present level.