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Joint Statement: Communist Party of Spain/Marxist-Leninist and the Communist Party U.S.A./Marxist-Leninist

First Published: Unite!, Vol. 6, No. 8, May 1, 1980.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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On May Day 1980, the CPUSA/ML and the PCE/ML jointly publish this common declaration proclaiming the militant solidarity and unity between our two Parties and people in combat against world imperialism and opportunism.

The growing unity of the CP-USA/ML with the PCE/ML and many other ML parties of the world is a concrete manifestation of the growing unity of the world proletariat and the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist Parties in many countries. For several years opportunists and incorrect Maoist viewpoints have sought to prevent and hamper Marxist-Leninists of the U.S. from uniting with the international communist movement. But in the recent period, these efforts have suffered defeats, and today, the unity between the CP-USA/ML and the Marxist-Leninist parties in all corners of the world is taking important strides. Though problems remain to be addressed and resolved, there exists on May Day 1980 a strong international movement determined to overcome and eradicate all obstacles which seek to hamper or prevent the unity of the international communist, Marxist-Leninist movement. This joint declaration, in the tradition of many others in the last few years, is an important step toward the fulfillment of the call issued by Karl Marx, “Workers of the World, Unite!”.

* * *

At the beginning of April, delegations of the Communist Party U.S.A./ML and the Communist Party of Spain/Marxist-Leninist met in Madrid in an atmosphere of militant solidarity and Marxist-Leninist unity. At the end of the meeting, both delegations agreed to make public the following Joint Statement:

The Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) supports unconditionally the struggle of the Communist Party U.S.A./ML at the head of the U.S. working class and people. It considers the existence of a Marxist-Leninist Party in the United States, for the first time in thirty years, to be an historical event of great importance. Likewise, it considers of far-reaching meaning for all the peoples of the world the fact that, inside the borders of the most powerful imperialist country in the world, has arisen a genuine Communist party fighting for the overthrow of U.S. monopoly capitalism and imperialism. Because of that it considers too, that the efforts of the fraternal United States Party to reinforce and develop itself must be supported by all the world communists and revolutionaries as an advantage for the world revolution and against the warmongering and oppressing aims that imperialism is pursuing. The Communist Party of Spain (ML) supports the struggle of the U.S. fraternal Party in defense of the U.S. working class, fighting to maintain its standards of living and democratic rights, against national oppression and racism, against fascism, for socialism and communism.

The Communist Party U.S.A./Marxist-Leninist supports unreservedly the struggle of the Communist Party of Spain (ML) at the head of the Spanish proletariat and peoples; against Francoism and its monarchist continuance, for the Republic and true democracy, for national independence and against U.S. imperialism, for socialism and communism. The Communist Party U.S.A./ML demands the immediate departure of the U.S. army, its military bases and nuclear weaponry in Spain, an end to United States monopoly capital and government activities against the freedom and independence of Spanish peoples. It supports specifically the fraternal Party of Spain in its struggle against fascism still in power in Spain, when fascism employs the monarchist mask. The Communist Party U.S.A./ML states its confidence that the Spanish fraternal Party will be able to face this task with the tenacity and the courage it has shown from the very moment of its reconstruction, and during the Francoist dictatorship as well.

The Communist Party of Spain/Marxist-Leninist and the Communist Party U.S.A./Marxist-Leninist declare their joy looking at the great advance and development of the peoples’ struggle against global imperialism, and particularly against the two Superpowers, and the growing and strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist communist movement. Both Parties declare their continuous full support to Socialist Albania and the glorious Party of Labor. They remark also that, since Chinese revisionism has been unmasked, it is necessary to intensify the struggle against the revisionism and opportunism of all hues which desperately try to infiltrate the workers’ ranks and to detour the proletariat from the revolutionary path. Both Parties state their opinion that to successfully confront these maneuvers, it is necessary to reinforce the ideological vigilance and the firm principled stand, to tighten the links of the Marxist-Leninists with the masses and to intensify the political struggle against all sectarianism and closed doctrinairism. Because of that, both Parties reaffirm the importance of the anti-revisionist struggle, particularly against Soviet social-imperialist revisionism that is today increasingly aggressive in all fields, particularly ideologically.

With this militant unity of viewpoints, politically and ideologically, both Parties raise their determination to reinforce even more their mutual links, and to advance the socialist revolution.

Madrid, April, 1980