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Boston: Party/Masses Punch Out FBI

Communist Workers Party Grills FBI Boss

First Published: Workers Viewpoint, Vol. 4, No. 20, November 19, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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EROL Note: See the self-criticism of this article in a subsequent issue of Workers Viewpoint.

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BOSTON, Ma. – Inspired by the news of the Communist Workers Party armed burial march in Greensboro, North Carolina the Sunday before, Afro-American students organized a vigil on the Harvard University campus. Speakers from the Communist Workers Party were invited and told the 200 students about the need to avenge the deaths of the five comrades and make it the costliest ever to the bourgeoisie. At the end of the speech, students were told that the head of the FBI, William Webster, was speaking at Harvard’s J.F. Kennedy Library and that the Party was taking him on. Jumping at the chance, they pulled themselves into formation and marched over a mile. No one knew if they would be able to get in but they were determined to get a fighting chance.

Barefisted And Enraged The CWP and Masses Whip FBI

Two hundred yards from the building, the demonstrators charged the front door with Communist Workers Party members in the lead, just as Comrade Cesar charged automatic fire to save others. The 50 FBI agents and six campus cops were caught flat-footed. The demonstrators beat their asses black and blue and kicked them for good measure. The sight of a Party-led steamroller scared these dogs out of their wits. They didn’t dare fight back, and barely scrambled inside the building, bolting the doors closed behind them. But bolted doors couldn’t stop the masses. The demonstrators got their bullhorns out and chanted and agitated outside the door for a solid hour. Their chants were so loud and powerful that Webster couldn’t go on with his speech. He stopped and let the demonstrators in if they “kept quiet.” This victory was in sharp contrast to what had happened to the “R-r-r-revolutionary Communist” Party when they tried to get in the building hours before us. The FBI carried them and threw them out on their behinds.

Webster went on, running off at the mouth about the FBI tactics of infiltration, and we interrogated him on the spot. We demanded to speak on the Communist Workers Party Five and speak now. Webster gave up the podium and sat down. A Communist Workers Party speaker denounced the FBI and the rest of the government agents who organized the assassination of our beloved comrades right to their faces. When we were through we left, chanting.

The Boston Globe tried to squash the whole thing, burying it in a little blurb in the paper. Suppression of the truth won’t stop us. The FBI and their capitalist masters know that we will charge wave upon wave with the same dauntless spirit of the five comrades* The FBI and the bourgeoisie is on notice–the Communist Workers Party has just begun to exact vengeance for the five comrades.