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Communist Workers Party

Spirit of the CWP 5 Lives on: CWP Rejects Sham Capitalist Judicial System

First Published: Workers Viewpoint, Vol. 5, No. 23, June 30, 1980.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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“YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND. Out of my way,” declared Floris Cauce, widow of Cesar Cauce, one of the Communist Workers Party 5, as she brushed past the pigs guarding the entrance to the courtroom where the Klan/’Nazi murderers were supposed to be on trial. “I have a bullet in my head and you are not telling me you are going to keep me out of the courtroom,” Paul Bermanzohn cursed out at other pigs. Being paralyzed on the left side by the bullets of the Klan/Nazi/FBI assassins on Nov. 3 only made him stronger in his determination to fight this bloodsucking capitalist system. Tom Clark, a CWP supporter did the same thing. He shouted, “I got shot at by the Klan and you are going to let me in!”

But the bourgeoisie has so much to hide from the masses, and such fear of CWP that they wouldn’t even let the widows of our murdered comrades and surviving victims of the assassins go into their kangaroo court. They have to resort to violence against us even on their own territory where they should feel very comfortable. When the pigs started to attack Paul who was sitting in a wheelchair, several party members and supporters heroically risked danger to themselves to defend Paul with their own bodies. The spirit of the CWP 5 was carried on once again and it freaks out the bourgeoisie. The sham nature of the capitalist judicial system exposed itself once again to ’millions of American people.

The Communist Workers Party rejects the whole capitalist judicial system which only serves the ruling class and the rich. We do not recognize the legitimacy of the courts and the authority of the judges-capitalist agents sitting on their fat asses. That’s why Nelson Johnson, Dori and Allen Blitz and Rand Manzella refused to address the judge when they were ’arraigned’ on ’inciting to riot’ charges. That’s why Nelson Johnson taunted an officer and when he was told to ’hush,’ Johnson roared, “don’t you tell me to hush.” (Greensboro Daily News) The spirit of the CWP 5 lives on.