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Letter to the “CPUSA (ML)”

First Published: Demarcation, No. 1, March 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Dear Barry:

Congratulations on forming the Communist Party of Chicago IV. It is not every day that we see the founding of a new “party”–just every other day. It must be a great joy to you, a fulfillment of your deep-seated careerist schemes, that you are finally the chairman of a “party.“ However, you must feel somewhat slighted that your congress was so small that you could not even run a photograph of its proceedings in “Unite,” lest the world would find out just what a tiny sect you really are. Then again, maybe you did show its proceedings, because maybe you were the only one there. It was just you, the pictures, the flowers, and the empty chairs, right? But don’t worry, we’ll tell everybody for you.

To add to your growing list of honors and trophies (we heard you won the flowers on the dais), we have inducted you as the latest member of the US Revisionists Hall of Shame. You have been selected the winner for 1979, because, although the year has just started, we doubt that anyone else in the US can do as much damage to the international communist movement as you have already done. Previous winners have been:
1974– Nelson Peery, CLP
1975– Bob Avakian, RCP
1976– Jerry Tung, WVO
1977– Mike Klonsky, CPML
1978– the leader of COUSML, an unnamed clone of Hardial Bains

As the 1979 winner, you have won life-size inflatable plastic dolls of Earl Browder and William Z. Foster, your mentors, and a full-length mirror, so you can clearly see who betrays the fundamental interests of the proletariat. But we’ll only send them to you if we get one of your pins first.

Seriously, the only saving grace of your phoney "party" is that it is so insignificant that it is only a small obstacle in the way of the proletariat.

We see you have printed in "Unite" the telephone number of your “central committee.” But don't call us, we’ll call you–on the barricades, from the other side.