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Editorial: Unite the countries and peoples of the world to oppose Soviet aggression in Afghanistan!

First Published: Unity, Vol. 3, No. 2, January 18-31, 1980.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Soviet Union’s takeover of Afghanistan is rightfully being condemned around the world. The UN General Assembly’s 104-18 vote denouncing the invasion was the most clear-cut criticism of Soviet imperialism to date. Only those countries themselves dominated by Moscow – politically, economically, and in all but one case, militarily – voted with the Soviets.

Such widespread opposition to the Soviets’ invasion is based on a common desire of the world’s countries and people for independence and peace. Afghanistan was a signal to other third world countries that Moscow will not hesitate to use brute force to impose its domination. The Western European countries are acutely aware of the military force the Soviets have mounted against them.

The United States has opposed the Soviet invasion and taken some measures against Moscow. Some of these are positive but there is more “talk” than action. We must demand an end to all U.S. trade to the Soviet Union, including the massive grain sales which have actually helped the Soviets put more of their own resources into militarization. U.S. technology has directly aided Soviet military growth – precision ball bearing technology from the U.S. helped the Soviets develop their multiple warhead ICBM’s.

There is an international movement underway to move the summer Olympics from Moscow. The U.S. should support this concretely.

We oppose the appeasement of the Soviet Union on all fronts. We oppose the strengthening of U.S. imperialism for the enrichment of certain U.S. corporations or circles. We oppose sacrificing third world countries to the Soviets in a superpower division of “spheres of influence.”

We should support the Afghani people and all the countries and people around the world who are fighting Soviet imperialism. The Afghani people refuse to submit to Soviet domination and they are waging a guerrilla war in all corners of their country. Other third world countries are standing up to the Soviets like Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, and others. There is armed resistance against the Soviets taking place in Kampuchea, Laos, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Angola.

In the second world, there is mounting concern over the threat of war and the Western European countries are seeing the need to increase their national defense capabilities.

We should support all these efforts of the second world and especially the third world and rely mainly on them to oppose Soviet aggression. The third world and second world countries do not want to rely on the U.S. to “protect” their independence. The U.S. is not reliable and has its own imperialist interests to protect. We should oppose any U.S. imperialist attempts to take advantage of the situation of worldwide opposition to Soviet aggression to further its own imperialist and hegemonic ambitions.

All peace-loving countries and peoples should unite to demand that the Soviet Union withdraw from Afghanistan; and to assist the Afghani people, Pakistan, Iran and other countries which are threatened by Soviet aggression. We also support their right to get arms to fight imperialism from wherever they can, including from the U.S. The unity of the countries and peoples of the world is the strongest weapon we have to stop the advance of Soviet expansionism and combat the danger of world war.