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Soviet and Vietnamese, get out of Kampuchea!

First Published: Unity, Vol. 2, No. 1, January 12-25, 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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UNITY strongly denounces the Soviet-backed Vietnamese invasion and occupation of Kampuchea and calls upon the people of the U.S. to support Democratic Kampuchea’s independence and sovereignty.

The Vietnamese aggressors are aided and abetted by the Soviet imperialists whose aims to dominate Southeast Asia are part of its strategy for global domination. We have seen before this dirty tactic of using “Asians to fight Asians.”

The attack on Kampuchea is a flagrant act of aggression and is similar to Nazi Germany’s invasion and annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Foreign aggression is foreign aggression. No amount of lies about an “internal rebellion” can hide the fact that tanks, heavy artillery and infantry streamed across an international border, from Viet Nam deep into Kampuchean territory, or that Soviet-made MIG 19 and 21 planes bombed Kampuchean cities.

Hegemonism is hegemonism and no amount of rhetoric about a “liberation front” can hide the fact that the Soviets and Vietnamese want to force Kampuchea into an “Indochina Federation” under their control.

The Vietnamese authorities and their backers in Moscow attack the Kampuchean government as “reactionary” in order to justify their attempt to annex Kampuchea. Evidently the big bully and the little bully have no shame when they feel they are backed up by 100,000 troops and massive arms. But they should not be so swollen. Such aggression will not go uncondemned by the world’s people. The Kampuchean people will fight them to the end.

UNITY calls upon all freedom-loving people to support Democratic Kampuchea’s fight against Soviet and Vietnamese aggression and expansionism. We also believe that all countries, including the United States, must take a stand against this aggression. We demand that the U.S. government not recognize the Vietnamese puppet “rebel” government. We oppose any appeasement of the Soviet fascists. In the 1930’s this imperialist policy of appeasement sacrificed the small countries to the fascists in the hopes of satisfying their appetite and averting a larger conflict. This was a disastrous policy which only encouraged the fascists to more aggression and hastened the outbreak of World War II.

We urge everyone to organize meetings, make public statements, call mass demonstrations and render all possible support to Democratic Kampuchea.