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Letter from League of Revolutionary Struggle

First Published: The Call, Vol. 7, No. 42, October 30, 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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To the CPML Central Committee:

On behalf of the League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist), we want to express our warm thanks for the message of solidarity you sent to us on the founding of our organization. As you know, we have reprinted your message in Unity, and it was welcomed by all the comrades of the League. We believe it reflects the common desire of our organizations to forge unity in the months ahead and make a greater contribution to the revolutionary struggle in this country.

The desire for communist unity is certainly a growing and deep-felt one among all genuine Marxist-Leninists throughout the country. Over the past several weeks as we have toured various cities to announce the merger of ATM and IWK to form the League, hundreds of people have expressed their wish for the success of our unity efforts.

These are very encouraging signs, and we look forward with confidence to our upcoming discussions and struggle to forge a single, unified communist party in the U.S. at the earliest possible time.

Please convey our greetings and best wishes to all of the comrades of the CPML.

The Central Committee of the League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist)