Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Statements on the Founding of the League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist)


The August Twenty-ninth Movement (Marxist-Leninist) and I Wor Kuen have merged to form the League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist). We view this step as an advance for the U.S. communist movement and as a further step towards unifying the entire Marxist-Leninist movement and forging a single, unified, vanguard communist party of the U.S. proletariat.

The merger of ATM and IWK was achieved through a process of principled struggle utilizing the Marxist method of criticism and self-criticism. Through this process unity was reached on all basic points of line. The two organizations also summarized their histories, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses and errors. Based upon the unity achieved, ATM and IWK dissolved their respective organizations and jointly founded the League of Revolutionary Struggle (M-L).

The unity achieved between ATM and IWK comes at a most critical time. International and domestic developments are making Marxist-Leninist unity an extremely urgent task. The factors for both war and revolution on a world scale are rising and in this situation it is extremely crucial for Marxist-Leninists to seek ways to unite. It is in this context that the merger of ATM and IWK should be viewed, as a step forward in the growing unity of the U.S. Marxist-Leninist forces.

In this document the League presents a declaration on its founding, which includes a review of the communist movement in the U.S. and the process of the merger of ATM and IWK. The declaration also includes the League’s general views of its tasks in the revolution.

This document includes the summations of the histories of ATM and IWK. Each history was written by the respective organization and then accepted by the other after discussion. These histories evaluate the positive and negative aspects of ATM and IWK. A common understanding of each other’s history was an important part of forging unity between the two organizations.

It is hoped that this document will serve as an introduction to the League of Revolutionary Struggle. The League is now preparing pamphlets on its views on party building, the trade union question, the national question and other important issues and these will be published in the near future. The League’s political newspaper, Unity will go bi-weekly in the fall of 1978. The League also plans to publish a theoretical journal.

September 1978