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The New Voice

The New Voice to CPML

Published: The New Voice, Vol. VII, No. 20, October 2, 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The CPML’s support for Memphis cops [see related article – EROL] is not the first time this group or its main parent, the October League, has put forward an objectively revisionist position on the state.

Many people remember the OL’s call for the Boston police to protect the black community at the start of forced busing in Boston. TNV and other groups supported self-defense by the black community.

Two years ago The New Voice pointed out that in matters of theory on the state, the OL took a revisionist position. (TNV, June 28, 1976)

The New Voice calls on the CPML to make a public self-criticism. At a time when the CPML is arranging a “Unity Committee of Marxist-Leninists” without insuring the participation of most Marxist-Leninists, it would also be good for the CPML to make such a public criticism part of the Unity Committee process.