Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Revolutionary Communist League (M-L-M)

Subjectivism Runs Amuck with RCP

First Published: Unity and Struggle, Vol. VIII, No. 4-9, September 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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From the same people who gave us “A Nation of a new type” as a new cover for the same old white chauvinism that ends up denying the existence of the Afro-American Nation; the same people that also brought us “The main danger in the Anti-Revisionist Communist movement is Narrow Nationalism”; so it was very plain, even several years ago that the then Revolutionary Union not only suffered from extreme subjectivism but white chauvinism as well.

Although RU always came on super “left” at times rhetorically, their constant posture always showed them far right. They have, and correctly so, the reputation for being straight out Economists in the factories, tailing the workers in the strike struggles, but never providing communist leadership. In Boston, during the crisis around the busing several years ago, RU ended up tailing the most backward sector of white workers with their infamous headline/slogan SMASH BUSING, which opposed on the face of it, the democratic rights of Afro-Americans and other minorities who were being bused into South Boston.

Then RU declared itself the Party: The “Revolutionary Communist Party” of all things. Not that they were alone. INSTANT party building was and IS one of the most negative aspects of the still young anti-revisionist communist movement in the U.S. Yes, they ranted and raved they were the party, but they (like the other instant parties) had neither unified Marxist-Leninists; won great numbers of the advanced workers to communism, nor had a genuine program that the masses could unite around. Their cry of “Revolutionary Communist Party” was and is, pure subjectivism.

Then when Chairman Hua, and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party leaped on the Gang of Four, crushing them quickly and dramatically, RCP, which had never bothered to teach its cadres Marxism-Leninism, trembled with uncertainty; and after a typical petty bourgeois philistine performance split in half because Chairman Avakian and the folks around him upheld the Gang of Four. Another faction, the Revolutionary Headquarters broke away from the RCP, refusing to attack the CPC and Chairman Hua, although their lines are far from consistent.

Now what’s left of the RCP, hiding behind the sham banner of “upholding Mao Tse Tung” (which they have almost NEVER done) these opportunists and fake leftists/real rightists are making big noises about demonstrating against the coming of Deputy Premier Teng Hsiao Peng to the U.S. for discussions following the long sought after normalization of relations between the U.S. and China. This puts “RCP” in the same bed with the Kumingtang, Soviet Social Imperialism and the Goldwaterites here in the U.S. plus assorted trots and neo-trots of varying hideousness. Sham communists of the “RCP” the great masses of people around the world celebrate the normalization of relations between Peoples China and the U.S., only their enemies oppose it. And genuine Marxist-Leninists surely uphold the Revolutionary leadership of the Communist Party of China and the invincible progress of the Peoples Republic of China. But “RCP” is showing its true colors and lining up with its true friends, the enemies of revolution all over the World.