Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Revolutionary Communist Party

New Programme and New Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

(Drafts for Discussion)

A Call to Battle, A Challenge to Dare

Today, two roads open up before the proletariat and masses of people in this country. One is the reactionary, worn and hell-bound path of the red, white and blue. The other road, the revolutionary road, has a certain and victorious destination, but to get there demands conscious and determined work and struggle, right now and in an ongoing way.

The triumph of the proletarian revolution in this and every country is inevitable, because the whole of human history and the development of society itself has prepared the conditions for it and only proletarian revolution can continue to move society forward in this era.

But those who grasp this profound truth cannot sit back and wait for it to come about. Whether revolution will be able to prevent world war, whether war, if it does break out, will give rise to revolution or yet another round on the rack of capitalism–these urgent questions depend in part on what we do.

In a situation which is developing as rapidly as today’s, the actions taken by the advanced section of the proletariat are of decisive importance. They will in no small part determine how far along we are and whether we are able to break through all the way when the conditions fully ripen and the opportunity for revolution is there to seize. These moments, particularly in a country such as this, are rare in history and their outcome has a profound influence on history for years, even decades, to come. Those who do understand what is going on and choose not to act are contributing to the prolonging of this destructive and decadent rule of imperialism. This program is a declaration of war, and at the same time a call to action and a battle plan for destroying the old and creating the new. It must be taken up.

Today the words of Mao Tsetung ring out with full force:

“Seize the Day, Seize the Hour.”