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The Capitalist Roaders Are Still on the Capitalist Road

The Two-Line Struggle and the Revisionist Seizure of Power in China

A Study for the Use of Marxist-Leninist Comrades


Revised Edition Published: October 1977
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Cover Letter to the Revised Edition

1. Introduction

2. The Struggle to Beat Back the Right Deviationist Trend and Criticize Teng Hsiao-ping

3. The Two Classes, the Two Lines, and the Two Roads

4. A Glorious History of Two-Line Struggle

5. The Revolution in Education

6. The Revolution in Literature and Art

7. The Revolution in Healthcare

8. The Revolution in Agriculture

9. The Revolution in Industry

10. Right and Left Opportunism: Which is the Main Danger?

11. Cadres

12. Grasp Revolution, Promote Production

13. Class Struggle is the Key Link

14. Going Against the Tide

15. Who Split the Party and Intrigued and Conspired to Usurp Power?

16. Why were the Revisionists Able to Seize Power?

17. The October Purge

18. The Red Star Will Rise Again in China

19. What are the Duties of Marxist-Leninists Around the World in the Face of This Great Setback?