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Revolutionary Workers’ Headquarters

Red Papers 8: China Advances on the Socialist Road: The Gang of Four, Revolution in the US, and the Split in the Revolutionary Communist Party


First Published: n.d. [1978].
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Rush To Judgment

Revolutionary Workers Headquarters China Paper: The Central Committee Report on China is a Counter-Revolutionary Document and Must be Criticized

Smashing The Gang of Four Was a Great Victory For the Working Class and Socialism

Class Struggle Is the Key Link

Chou En-lai Was a Revolutionary Communist

Uphold the 11th Party Constitution

Avakian Thought: Socialism Failed Because. .. It’s Socialism

Revolutionary Communist Party China Paper: The 1977 Central Committee Report on China. Revisionists are Revisionists and Must Not be Supported, Revolutionaries are Revolutionaries and Must be Supported

Appendix A

Documents From the Split in the RCP

Appendix B

On the Class Struggle in the US

The Fusion of the Socialist Movement With the Working Class Movement

The Founding Congress of the RCP

July 4, 1977: “Battle of the Bicentennial”

Campaign to Build a National United Workers Organization

“Theory In Its Own Right” Is Opportunism In Its Own Right

Appendix C

Central Committee Report (Rectification)