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THE WORKER: Coming Out Twice a Month

First Published: The Worker, for Hawaii, Vol. 3, No. 3, March-April 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Worker newspaper serves to get out the true story of the thousands of battles of working people raging today, from the coal mines of Kentucky to the pine fields of Hawaii; in fights against unemployment cutbacks and attacks on social services; not only here in the US but among the working class internationally as well. In every battle we cover, we do this to strengthen the unity and understanding of working people by helping to build these battles, pointing clearly to the common enemy in all of them, the handful of rich capitalists and their friends in government who run this system of profits, capitalism. We offer analysis of the burning social issues of the day, analysis that digs down deep for the real causes of crime, unemployment, mental illness, the housing crisis, and the million and one problems we workers have to face everyday. The real cause, we say, is not to be found among the millions of working people who slave to build this society and survive despite the daily oppression and exploitation they face. The real cause is to be found in the capitalist system itself. And The Worker stands to put out a truthful analysis of what’s happening internationally, the signs of another war, beginning with the skirmishes in the Middle East, Africa and Europe between two contending superpowers, the rich capitalist classes of the US and the USSR. The question of entering another unjust war, the attacks we workers face on the job and in the communities daily, point out the real enemy we must fight, and the stand we must take for our own future and futures of our children.

The Worker is put out by the Revolutionary Communist Party. It points to the only future the working class has, as we see the present capitalist system bringing forth only more misery and exploitation for the millions of working people here in the US and around the world. We stand for revolution, the doing away with that system, and the building of socialism, where workers build a society where they control and can produce for their own benefit. Every day, as we go out to sell this paper, on the jobsites, in the communities and schools, we have been met with good responses. The feeling is widespread, that things are going to hell, and we’re not the cause of it. More and more people are asking for the real news–about what is hitting us daily, the growing attacks and the growing struggles. And about a real solution, a real way out of this mess.

The Worker newspaper is going biweekly soon (that means every two weeks). To do this we need funds. We have no paid staff. All the writing and production of the paper is done voluntarily. We have stone age equipment, and are trying to get the machines we need to get the paper out faster and in a more timely way. This is an important step forward for the whole working class. To get the news out that can advance and strengthen the working class, we need your kokua.

We hope that our readers will support this advance, and can contribute by supporting this current fundraising drive.