Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Index to The Red Banner

EROL Introduction: This was the theoretical journal of the August Twenty-Ninth Movement (M-L). Only two issues were published.


Volume 1, Number 1, Winter 1976-77


Introducing The Red Banner

O.L., Right Opportunist Feint To The ’Left’

Our Disagreement With PRRWO – A Preliminary Statement By Former PRRWO Members And Supporters

Principles Of Party Organization (Reprint)

The Betrayal Of The “C”PUSA On The Chicano National Question

More Agitation, More Propaganda (Reprint)


Issue #2, Summer 1977

The Struggle Against Left Opportunism – League For Proletarian Revolution

Human Rights: Screen For Superpower Contention

Superseniority And The Unity Of The Proletariat

A Brief Review Of Agitation And Propaganda

Struggle For The Right To National Development

Regarding Certain Problems Of Agitation And Propaganda by M.I. Kalinin

Selected Poems by Bertolt Brecht

The Present Situation And Our Tasks. Comradely Polemics with ATM (part 1) by the League For Proletarian Revolution