Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Index to the Theoretical Review

MIA Introduction: The Theoretical Review was started in 1978 by the Tucson Marxist-Leninist Collective as a bi-monthly journal of theory, politics and cultural criticism. Considering much of what passed for Marxist-Leninism in the New Communist Movement to be impoverished and dogmatic, it sought to make available and popularize the theoretical contributions of Louis Althusser, Charles Bettelheim, Nicos Poulantzas, Antonio Gramsci and Marta Harnecker to movement activists. In 1979 a second editorial board was established in Boston and thereafter a network of groups supporting the Theoretical Reivew project developed around the country. The collapse of the New Communist Movement in the early 1980s resulted in the shutting down of the Theoretical Review in 1983.

Number 1 (September-October 1977)

Editorial Statement
Recent Works on the Character of Soviet Society
The Conditions of Marx’s Scientific Discovery by Louis Althusser
The Communist International and the Construction of Factory Cells (Part I)
Slavery and Capitalism: A Review

Number 2 (November-December 1977)

Toward Fusion: Theoretical Formation and Ideological Struggle by Louis Althusser
On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat: A Review
Dialectical Materialism by Balibar and Macherey
The Communist International and the Construction of Factory Cells (Part II)

Number 3 (January-February 1978)

The Albanian Critique of the “Theory of Three Worlds”
Primacy of Theory and the Guardian Clubs
Marxism-Leninism and the Class Struggle by Louis Althusser
The Communist International and the Construction of Factory Cells (Part III)
On the Death of Liebknecht and Luxemburg

Number 4 (March-April 1978)


An Introduction to Theoretical Practice
Introduction to The Distinguishing Features of Leninist Political Practice
The Distinguishing Features of Leninist Political Practice by Communist Formation
Analyzing China Since Mao’s Death (Part I)
Remembering Charles E. Ruthenberg by Jay Lovestone

Number 5 (May-June 1978)


Defining the Central Task for Party Building
Analyzing China Since Mao’s Death (Part II)
How to Read Marx’s Capital by Louis Althusser
Crisis on the Left: A Review

Number 6 (July-August 1978)

The Critique of Euro-communism and the Party Building Movement
Introduction to “A Fundamental Critique of the Communist Party of France” by Louis Althusser
A Fundamental Critique of the Communist Party of France by Louis Althusser
Analyzing China Since Mao’s Death (Part III)
Marxist-Leninist Humor

Number 7 (September-October 1978)

The Primacy of Theory and Political Line by the Tucson Marxist-Leninist Collective
The Crisis of Marxism by Louis Althusser
Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism: Introduction by Marta Harnecker
Production by Marta Harnecker
1919: The Foundations of the Communist Party of America by Louis Fraina

Number 8 (January-February 1979)

Theoretical Aspects of Political Practice by Neil Ericksen [Neal Ullestad]
The Communist Movement and the Struggle Against Racism by Scott Robinson
Production Relations by Marta Harnecker
Stalin and Historical Reality by Paul Costello
Letter of Resignation by Irwin Silber


Number 9 (March-April 1979)

World Imperialism and Marxist Theory: On the International Line of the Communist Movement by Paul Costello
Stalin and the Problems of Theory by Paul Costello
China’s Great Leap Backward – A Review by Harry Eastmarsh
Appendix – A Short Note on Deng Xiaping and the Present Line of the CCP by Harry Eastmarsh


Number 10 (May-June 1979)

Enver Hoxha and the Crisis of Anti-Revisionism by Paul Costello
Ideology, Ideological Practice and Cultural Criticism by Paul Costello
Slave of Love: A Review by Suzanne Rivers
Productive Forces by Marta Harnecker
Short Reviews


Number 11 (July-August 1979)

A Joint Statement on the Party-Building Line of the National Network of Marxist-Leninist Clubs by the Tucson and Boston Theoretical Review Boards
Anti-Revisionist Communism in the U.S., 1945-1950 by Paul Costello
Original Anti-Revisionist Documents
The Economic Structure of Society by Marta Harnecker


Number 12 (September-October 1979)

Party Building: Our Aim is True by Paul Costello
Peaceful Transition and the Communist Party, USA, 1949-1958 by Bert Lewis
The POC: A Personal Memoir by Noel Ignatin
In Memoriam – Ellwood Greist
Two Roads for American Communists by Milton Palmer
Base and Superstructure by Marta Harnecker


Number 13 (November-December 1979)

A Critical History of the New Communist Movement, 1969-1979 by Paul Costello
Anti-Revisionist Lessons for Party Building Today by Scott Robinson
On the History of the Revolutionary Union (Part I) by Steve Hamilton
Two Chapters from Progressive Labor Party History by ex-PL Cadre [complete text]
Anti-Revisionist Movements in Canada, 1945-1970 by In Struggle/En Lutte
The Partisan Experience


Number 14 (January-February 1980)

In Commemoration of Antonio Gramsci by Suzanne Charles
On the History of the Revolutionary Union (Part II) by Steve Hamilton
A Response by the National Network of Marxist-Leninist Clubs by Tim Patterson
Our Differences by Paul Costello
The Ideological Structure by Marta Harnecker
Short Review


Number 15 (March-April 1980)

Leninist Politics and the Struggle Against Economism by Paul Costello
Poulantzas and Marxism by Mark Glick
The Juridico-Political Structure by Marta Harnecker
Short Reviews


Number 16 (May-June 1980)

Analyzing China Since Mao’s Death by Harry Eastmarsh
Points of Unity by the Boston Political Collective (M-L)

Number 17 (July-August 1980)


Afghanistan: Anti-Imperialism and World Revolution by Paul Costello
Class Struggle and Social Construction in Hungary, 1948-1956 by Andras Zsilak
Peter Rabbit and the Grundrisse by Rosa and Charley Parkin
Mode of Production, Social Formation and Political Conjuncture by Marta Harnecker
Short Reviews
Walter Rodney, 1940-1980


Number 18 (September-October 1980)

Critical Notes on Trotsky’s Marxism by Paul Costello
Debate on Afghanistan by David Finkel and Paul Costello
Against Sectarianism and Liberalism by Kim Malcheski
Popular Culture and Revolutionary Theory: Understanding Punk Rock by Neil Eriksen [Neal Ullestad]


Number 19 (November-December 1980)

Class Struggles in Poland by Paul Costello
13 Years of CPUSA Misleadership on the Woman Question by Mary Inman
The Case of Lysenko by Tim Clemens

Number 20 (January-February 1981)


Capitalism, the State and Crises by Paul Costello
The Importance of Theory by Louis Althusser
On Social Classes by Marta Harnecker
Against Dogmatism and Revisionism: Toward a Genuine Communist Party (1976) by the Ann Arbor Collective (M-L)

Number 21 (March-April 1981)


Communist Party Theory and Practice Among the Unemployed, 1930-1938 by Irene North
Toward a Contemporary Strategy: Lessons of the 1930s by Paul Costello
Bruce Springsteen: Reading Rock and Roll by Neil Eriksen [Neal Ullestad]
The Tragedy of the Althussers by K. S. Karol
The Class Struggle by Maria Harnecker

Number 22 (May-June 1981)


Armed Insurrection in El Salvador, 1932 by Miguel Marmol
The Communist Party and the CIO by Ben Rose
John Lennon by Simon Frith

Number 23 (July-August 1981)


Women’s Oppression in Capitalist Society: An Introduction
The Material Basis of Women’s Oppression in Capitalist Society by Jean Tepperman
State Repression and Legitimation: The Disorganization Of Labor in the Arizona Copper Industry in 1917 by Terry Boswell
Popular Culture: Reggae, New Wave, Country Music by Neal Ullestad
Book Reviews


Number 24 (September-October 1981)

Racism and Black Oppression by Paul Costello
Popular Culture: The Clash by Neal Ullestad
Book Reviews

Number 25 (November-December 1981)


Capitalist Restoration or Transition to Socialism? By Ira Gerstein
The Iranian Revolution, its Aftermath and the Left by L. Shirazi
Dirty Linen: The Struggle in the Bay Area MLEP
An Exchange on Women’s Oppression
Book Reviews


Number 26 (January-February 1982)

Editorial Statement on the Crisis in Poland
The International Communist Opposition, 1928-1938 by Paul Costello
Documents of the International Communist Opposition
Book Review


Number 27 (March-April 1982)

Reaping the Whirlwind: Soviet Economics and Politics, 1928-32 by Paul Costello
Maurice Dobb and the End of NEP by Kent Osband
Politics and Class in Science
Popular Culture
Book Reviews

Number 28 (May-June 1982)


Poland and the “Military Road to Socialism”
Nuclear War and the Struggle for Disarmament by Joe Shapiro
A Deafening Silence: Sexuality and the Leninist Left by Jeff Goldthorpe
Feminist Questions About Marxist Theory
Exchange on the Material Basis of Women’s Oppression
The First Crisis of Marxian Theory and the Kautsky-Bernstein Debate
Lenin and Geology


Number 29 (July-August 1982)

War in the South Atlantic and the US Left
Nicaragua: An Eyewitness Account by Timothy Austin and Laura Barnes
Recent Works on the Nicaraguan Revolution
Poland: Origins of Martial Law by David Miller
Palestine: What is the Solution? (1946) by Alexander Bittelman


Number 30 (September-October 1982)

Advanced Theory for the 1980s by Paul Costello
The Concepts of Ideology, Hegemony, and Organic Intellectuals in Gramsci’s Marxism by Valeriano Ramos, Jr.
Louis Althusser and the Revitalization of Revolutionary Marxism by Neil Eriksen [Neal Ullestad]
Alternative in Eastern Europe? A Review by Leigh Binford
Ideology and Power: A Review by Barbara A. Kohl

No 31 (January 1983)


Editorial: The TR’s Last Issue
Antonio Gramsci and the Recasting of Marxist Strategy by Paul Costello
Mexico in the Eighties: Crisis and Conflict by Richard L. Harris
Letter from the Guerrilla Army of the Poor to the North American People
Louis Althusser and Historical Materialism by Neil Eriksen [Neal Ullestad]
Class Struggles in Poland: 1945-1956 by J. Kremenski
Book Reviews