Index to Turning Point

MIA Introduction: In 1948, three anti-revisionist groups - the P.R. Club (Expelled), the Maritime Committee for a Communist Party, and a trade union group which published the “Vanguard” united to issue the first number of a new publication, Turning Point (although by the second issue the Trade Union group had withdrawn). In 1954, the Turning Point group renamed itself the Communist League. The journal continued publication until 1962.

Volume 1, No. 1 July 1948

Declaration of Turning Point

Volume I, Supplement July 1948

Letter to the Communist Information Bureau

Special Issue August 1948

Special Fore ’N Aft Issue: Save the N.M.U.

Volume I, No. 2 September 1948

The Crisis in Harrison George & Co.

Volume I, No. 3 October 1948

The Futile Maneuvers of Tito

Volume I, No. 4 November 1948

The Future of the Progressive Party

Volume II, No. 1 January 1949

The Marshall-Murray CIO Convention
Defiance by Compliance – United Office and Public Workers of America
Youthful Dialectics on the Ninth Floor – YCL to AYD to YCL
Still Stuck with Knickerbocker and Davis (City College of N.Y.)

Volume II, No. 2 February 1949

The Marshall Plan

Volume II, No. 3 April 1949

American Communists on Trial before the World (A Letter on Force)
American Communists Must Defend the S.U.
The “12” Are Definitely Innocent (of Marxism-Leninism)

Volume II, No. 4 May 1949

American Communists on Trial before the World (Worse than Book-burning)
Hurrah for Eisler
Franklinís Socialism through Constitutional Amendment
Strike Two at CCNY
The Truth About the Daily Worker Diplomats
Letter from Paul Palazzi
CPUSA Waterfront Leader and TP’s Reply
Reprint: Engels on Force and Violence

Volume II, No. 5 August 1949

An Open Letter to Comrade Stalin and the C.C. of the CPSU

Volume II, No. 6 November 1949

Fosterís New Route to Socialism
Postcards, and Wires Are Not Enough – Smash the Smith Act
Francis Franklin Turns Rat

Volume II, No. 7 December 1949

What’s Wrong with the ALP?

Volume III, No. 1 January 1950

A Note on the CPUSAís Abstinence on the Occasion of Stalin’s Anniversary
The Daily Worker “Misinforms” on the Communist Information Bureau’s Article on Japan
Letter from an

Volume III, Nos. 2-3 February-March 1950

Foster’s New Route to Socialism (contíd)
The Progressive Partyís “Neutral” Retreat in Chicago
The Left Sectarian Attitude Towards the PP
Reprint: The Japanese People’s Road to Liberation (People’s China)

Volume III, Nos. 4-5 April-May 1950

Wall St. Gets Tough; Wallace Gets Soft
An Un-Red May Day
The Wicked Three – or Why the D.W. Keeps People’s China A Secret
Leftism and Sophistry
Local 65 and the Taft-Hartley Affidavits
Reprint: Appeal to, the Working Men and Women of the U.S., Gt. Britain, France and Holland (WFTU)

Volume III, Nos. 6-7 June-July 1950

If This Be Treason (on Korea)

Volume III No. 8 August 1950

After Union Square What?
An Appeal to Communists in Local 65
“Down-to-Earth” Grovelling

Volume IV, No. 1 Jun 1951

May Day 1951
A Minimum Gesture for Peace

Volume V, Nos. 1-2 January-February 1952

The Tragi-Comedy of Civil Defense

Volume VII, No. 1 January 1954

Evil Prospects for Lesser Evils in 1954

Volume VII, No. 2 April 1954

Free Sobell; Vindicate the Rosenbergs

Volume VII, No. 3, June 1954

Free Sobell; Vindicate the Rosenbergs (Cont’d)

Volume VII, No. 4 October 1954

Will the Bi-Partisan Communist Control Act of 1954 Finally Outlaw the Lesser – Evil Illusion?

Volume VIII, No. 1 February 1955

Consumersí Guide to Trotskyism – 1955 Convertible

Volume VIII, No. 2 May 1955

Towards A New Marxist-Leninist Communist Party

Volume VIII, No. 3 Oct 1955

Registering Nonsense
Converting to the Democratic Party
The Casket of Your Choice
Empty Gestures for Sobell
Butchering the Fur Workers

Volume VIII, No. 4 December 1955

Consumers’ Guide to Trotskyism (Vol, VIII, No. 1–printed form)

Volume IX, No. 1 January 1956

Rediscovering Revolution
Maxim Gorky’s “The Siskin That Lied and the Woodpecker, Lover of Truth”

Volume IX, No. 2 February 1956

The Next and Last Depression: 1. Depressions – Delayed or Removed
Supplement: The Rebellion of the Mode of Production Against the Mode of Exchange (Engels)

Volume IX, No 3 March 1956

Against the Revisionism of the 20th CPSU Congress
The Next and Last Depression: 2. 1956: Prelude to Frenzy
Supplement: Italian Communists Defend Marxism-Leninism

Volume IX, No. 4-5 April-May 1956

Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Khrushchev (In Defense of Stalin)
Sir John Pratt Is Right– by Fyke Farmer (on Korea)

Volume IX, No. 6 August 1956

Khrushchev’s Un-Secret Speech
Supplement: A Non-“Rabid” Portrait of Stalin by Joseph Davies

Volume IX, No. 7 October 1956

Our Readers Defend Stalin

Volume IX, No. 8 November 1956

The Virtue of Abstention in the 1956 Elections
The Suppressed Facts in the Rosenberg Case–by Irwin Edelman

Volume IX, No. 9 November 1956

Supplement: Depression Blues–by Vincent Noga
Letters on Khrushchevism

Volume IX, No. 10 December 1956

Khrushchevism’s Boomerang

Volume X, Nos. 1-2 January-February 1957

First Aid for Communists Suffering from Shock
On Khrushchevism

Volume X, Nos. 3-4 March-April 1957

The Last Depression

Volume X, Nos. 5-6 May-June 1957

Pilgrimage of Prayer for Freedom (Negro liberation)
Sobell Boatride
Why Use the Word “Communism”?

Volume X, No. 7 November 1957

Little Rock and the Revolt against Patience

Volume XI, Nos. 1-2 January-February 1958

Correspondence Issue: Depression, Khrushchevism, Lesser-Evil and Civil Rights

Volume XI, Nos. 3-4 March-April 1958

Capitalism’s “Stable” Depression

Volume XI, No. 5 September 1958

Maximuminimumism–and the United (?) Independent(?)– Socialist Conference

Volume XII, No. 1 February 1960

The Stampede of Tired Radicalism

Volume XII, No. 2 April 1960

Harmless Revolution

Volume XII, No. 3 July 1960

Nuclear Waste Disposal: Throwout Worse than Fallout!

Volume XIII, No. 1 October 1961

Against Nuclearrogance–A Consistent Position for Coexistence and Revolution

Volume XIII, No. 2 November 1961

The Lesser-Evil Brotherhood (on elections)
Does Hypocrisy ‒Also– Cause Leukemia? (on testing)

Volume XIII, No. 3 December 1961

A Specter Is Haunting Communism

Volume XIV, No. 1 January 1962

Reprint: Stalin’s Speeches on the American Communist Party

Volume XIV, No. 2 February 1962

Reprint: Enver Hoxha’s Expose of Khrushchev

Volume XIV, No. 3 March 1962

Chasing the Subversive Activities Control Board
Return of the “Alien and Sedition” Image

Volume XIV, No. 4 April 1962

Reprint: Declaration of the C.C. of the Party of Labor of Albania
Correspondence Issue on Stalin, Khrushchev, Hoxha, etc.

Volume XIV, No. 5 May 1962

How Non-Violent Can You Get?
The Dialectics of Over-correction (letter and article)

Volume XIV, No. 6 June 1962

Albanian Reprints, on Stalin, Kennedy, relations between Albania and the S.U. and Albanian Student Expulsions from the S.U.

Volume XIV, Special Issue June 1962

Special mailing of ”The Second Declaration of Havana”

Volume XIV, No. 7 July 1962

Correspondence Issue: discussion between TP and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Labor Party, Proletarian Party and Canadian Communist Party; independent Marxists, Southern college students. Also: Collector’s Item in Anti-Communism
Clemency for Jones and Brown
Birdman of Alcatraz: Robert Stroud
World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace in Moscow
Why Opportunism
The Revolutionary Intellectual

Volume XIV, Special Issue July 1962

Special mailing of Conrad Lynn’s “Monroe, North Carolina...Turning Point in American History.”

Volume XIV, No. 8 August 1962

Which Side Are You On, Boys–When Both Sides Are Testing?
Inside Prosperity–The Other Kentucky
Birdman of Alcatraz: Robert Stroud
Letters: For a New Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Aptheker and TP’s “Harmless Revolution”
Letter from China
Letter to Khrushchev
Confusion Caused by TP’s Article on Neucleararrogance
TP Counterpoint

Volume XIV, No. 9 September 1962

Suppose War Comes (Post-Extinction Plans)
How to Detect Non-Communists (Where You Least Expect Them)
Letters and Answers on Soviet Testing
A Note on Stalin and Anti-Semitism

Volume XIV, No. 10 October 1962

The Strong Growl and the Weak Paw “Menacing Cuba”
Suggested Correction: Elect Candidates?
Is TP’s Position on Testing and Disarmament Unrealistic?
Letters and Answers on Testing