Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Report of the Central Committee of the M.L.O.B.

On the Situation in the People’s Republic of China


In August 1966 the Communist Youth League was dissolved, and its members advised to join “Red Guard” organisations. In September, at the former headquarters of the League, an exhibition was opened to illustrate the “crimes” of its former leadership.

On January 3rd, 1967 the All-China Trade Union Federation was dissolved, and its functions transferred to a new organisation, the “Chinese Association of Red Rebels”.

These moves were unacceptable to the youth and to the workers, and both organisations continued to function illegally.

By ordering the dissolution of the conservative organisations, we had simply deepened their membersí antagonism towards us. ... As a result, not only did the conservative organisations remain intact, but those individuals who had been wavering rejoined them. (The “Red Rebel Column” of the North China Structural Metals Plant: “How We Achieved Unity Against the Enemy”, in: “China Reconstructs”, October, 1967; p. 48).

Accordingly in March 1967 the Communist Youth League and the All-China Trade Union Federation were permitted to function legally under “reorganised” leaderships.