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Greetings to 4a Internazionale and Die Internationale


Adopted: July 1948.
First Published: 1948
Source: Fourth International, New York, Volume IX, No. 6, August 1948, page 191..
Transcribed/HTML Markup: Daniel Gaido and David Walters, December, 2005
Proofread/Edited: Scott Wilson, 2006
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The appearance of two new publications of the Fourth International in July is fresh testimony of the growing strength of the Trotskyist movement and the capacity of the ideas of revolutionary socialism to survive the most ferocious suppression.

The first issue of 4a Internazionale, an Italian “magazine of revolutionary Marxism” published in Rome, arrived here almost at the same time as the first issue of Die Internationale, official organ of the German Section of the Fourth International, published in Amsterdam.

The Internationale is the first Marxist theoretical organ lo appear in the German language since the rise of Hitler to power, while 4a Internazionale is the first to be published in Italian since Mussolini smashed the labor movement in that country.

The launching of these two theoretical magazines shows that revolutionary socialism is on the march in these two lands after decades of fascist darkness. In face of all the financial and other difficulties faced by the editors, these are hopeful signs of the times. We hail their appearance and the revolutionary developments they portend.

The first issue of 4a Internazionale contains a short history of the Fourth International, an article by Leon Trotsky on the Socialist United States of Europe, articles on Italian politics, Palestine, the crisis of the Social Democracy in France, the Second World Congress of the Fourth International, and the presidential election in the United States.

Die Internationale contains an analysis of the elections in Italy and Czechoslovakia, a resolution of the Second World Congress of the Fourth International on the present situation in Germany and the tasks of the revolutionary socialist movement there, a compilation demonstrating the profound difference between Stalinism and Leninism on vital issues facing the German people, an article on the reactionary policies followed by Moscow in Eastern Germany, a review of Fritz Sternberg’s book, The Coming Crisis, and an article on Marxism today in Germany in the light of the experience of the revolutionary movement at the beginning of World War I.


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