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Three Resolutions of the Second World Congress


Adopted: April 1948.
First Published: 1948
Source: Fourth International, New York, Volume IX, No. 6, August 1948, pages 181 and 191..
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Resolution on South Africa

Adopted by Second World Congress

The World Congress takes note of the fact that the FIOSA (organization of the Fourth International in South Africa), which bases itself on the programmatic position of the Fourth International, has tried to achieve unity in South Africa through fusion with the Workers Party, and has not succeeded up to the present time. In the absence of a programmatic base able to justify the existence of two groups in South Africa, the World Congress charges the International Executive Committee with establishing a united section in South Africa, and to this end, empowers it to disaffiliate, if necessary, the organization failing to apply its decisions and to reconstitute the South African Section of the Fourth International.

Resolution on Latin America

Adopted by Second World Congress

The World Congress instructs the International Secretariat, in collaboration with the delegates from Latin America, to elaborate immediately after the Congress a text of general political orientation for Latin America.

This text, accompanied by various amendments presented by certain comrades of Latin America, will serve as an introduction to the discussion among all the organization of Latin America.

Resolution on Cyprus

Source: Fourth International, Vol. IX, No. 6, August 1948, p. 181

After hearing a report on the activity of the International Communist Party of Cyprus and its request for affiliation, and receiving assurance that it is a functioning organization adhering to the program and principles of the Fourth International, the World Congress recognizes it as an official section of the Fourth International at Cyprus and grants a mandate to its representation at this Congress.


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