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Dissident Cuban Communism
The Case of Trotskyism, 1932-1965
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Table Showing the Strength of Different Ideologies in the Cuban Trade Union Movement, 1865-1958

Ideologies \ Time Period 1865-85 1885-1928 1928-33 1933-35 1935-47 1947-52 1952-58
Reformism A B C D C B A
Anarcho-syndicalism B A B B C D D
Official Communism E D A B A B C
Trotskyism E E E B D E E
Nationalism (Auténticos) E E C C B A C
A - a dominant influence nationally.
B - an important influence nationally.
C - an influence of minor importance nationally.
D - an influence in certain sectors and/or regions.
E - little or no influence.

This table can be contrasted with the one in Córdova, E, (1995), op cit, p. 345. Efrén Córdova’s table attaches significance to a Catholic trade union tradition which I do not. She, furthermore, does not fully recognise the importance of Trotskyism in the trade union movement during the Revolution of the 1930s.

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