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Walter Held

Two Memoirs of Trotsky’s 1935 Exile to Norway. – one memoir is from Nils Dahl and the other is from Walter Held
– from Revolutionary History, Vol.2 No.2, Summer 1989 – 70K in two parts

Walter Held – Biographical sketch of Walter Held (19101941), concentrating on his stay in Norway, titled Walter Held by Pierre Broué
– from Revolutionary History, Vol 1 No.2, Spring 1988 – 16K

Walter Held – More memoirs of German Trotskyist Walter Held, concentrating on his stay in Norway,
– from Revolutionary History, Vol.1 No.2, Spring 1988 – 18K

Stalinism and the POUM in the Spanish Revolution – by Walter Held
– from the Revolutionary History issue on the Spanish Revolution – 61K