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Marxist Bulletin Series

Introductory note on this bulletin series by the Riazanov Library Project: This page contains all of the Marxist Bulletins published by Spartacist League. In some cases there are two copies of the same Marxist Bulletin... one of a first edition printing, one of a later edition printing (even though the two may indeed be identical).

Included are copies of two documents that also appear in Marxist Bulletin number 8 on Cuba, but which were obtained as separate documents in the files of Tamiment Library.

NOTE: Items in the Marxist Bulletin series that never were printed:
MB 3 part iii was NEVER PRINTED

Feb 2010

Cuban Discussion in the Revolutionary Tendency

Bulletin No. 1 In Defense of a Revolutinary Perspective

Bulletin No. 2 Nature of the SWP-Revolutionary or Centrist

Bulletin No. 3 Part 1 1962-Split in Revolutionary Tendency

Bulletin No. 3 Part 2 Wohlforth Against the R.T.

Bulletin No. 3 Part 4 Conversations with Wohlforth

Bulletin No. 4 Part 1 Expulsion from the SWP

Bulletin No. 4 Part 2 Expulsion from the SWP

Bulletin No. 5 Black Liberation

Bulletin No. 7 Leninist Position on Youth-Party Relations

Bulletin No. 8 Cuba and Marxist Theory

Bulletin No. 9 Parts 1, 2 & 3 Basic Documents of the SL

Bulletin No. 9 Supplement Supplement to Basic Documents bulletin

Bulletin No. 10 From Maoism To Trotskyism

Bulletin No. 10 – first edition Maoism to Trotskyism